2006-09-04 : Whistleblower blames cops for cop killings

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2006-09-04 : Whistleblower blames cops for cop killings

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Whistleblower blames cops for cop killings By LUXOLO TYALI

A NGANGELIZWE policeman who has been shot seven times in the line of duty claims corrupt police officers had a hand in killing their colleagues. Sergeant Tycoon Nyamende of Ngangelizwe Crime Prevention Unit, outside Mthatha, said some of his colleagues had been killed because he and others questioned why some dockets went missing at the police station.

Nyamende said the police should start looking for culprits in their own ranks. "Corrupt policemen are killing their colleagues, even ordinary citizens who give information to police about criminals are killed because the police tell criminals about these things.

"I personally have been shot in more than three incidents, during which my nephew and a colleague died, because I questioned why dockets went missing," claimed Nyamende. He said he decided to tell the media so that people would know the police service was being corrupted.

"None of the cases of my shooting have progressed because of reasons unknown to me ... just imagine what happens to cases of ordinary members of the public who know no-one in the police service," said Nyamende. He showed the Daily Dispatch seven bullet wounds he said he sustained in shootings with which he believes his colleagues had something to do.

Nyamende said he believed recent police attacks in the province were inside jobs. Mthatha police spokesperson Nondumiso Jafta declined to comment on Nyamende's allegations. The sergeant's claims come a day after a Libode police inspector was shot dead during an alleged robbery at the Libode police station on Thursday evening. Inspector Sithembiso Bavuma was killed by two men who attacked him while he was on duty with two student constables.

Jafta said the three policemen heard a knock on a door used as a staff entrance and told the person to go the front door for visitors. One man entered through the front door, while another emerged from the staff entrance and pointed a firearm at Bavuma. When Bavuma tried to draw his service pistol, one of the assailants shot him three times in the chest and then robbed Bavuma of his service pistol and fled on foot.

Jafta said the student constables escaped unhurt. In April, the Mqanduli police station came under siege, resulting in the deaths of a policeman and two civilians. The robbers fled with firearms and bulletproof vests. Jafta promised the police would leave no stone unturned, and the provincial police commissioner Mpumelelo Landu on Friday condemned the attack and called on the public to help the police arrest Bavuma's killers.

"Incidents of this nature bear heavily on the minds and hearts of all police members, especially when it involves the death of one of our own. "Police officials are the protectors of the people of this country and no community should tolerate a police killer in their midst.

"An attack on a police member or a police station must be seen as an attack on every law-abiding citizen in South Africa and incidents of this nature should inspire and compel us to make a contribution in the fight against crime," he said. Landu said the police had been told not to hesitate to use their guns, to fight crime.
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