Does Gun Control Work?

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Does Gun Control Work?

Postby crimefree » Wed, 2006-08-16 20:58

Does Gun Control Work?

The South African government believes that by clamping down on licensed firearms owners it will greatly impact violent crime.

Curiously the government has offered no evidence of how any of these crimes will be reduced by expending vast sums (R2.18 Billion) on record keeping of licensed firearms owners. When it is known that there is not a single success anywhere in the world of gun control legislation either reducing crime or the supply of guns to criminals.

In the past 150 years there have been many thousands of laws introduced throughout the world to reduce crime or the supply of guns to criminals. The list of successes should be long and illustrious if what gun control claims is true. Where is the list?

Gun control and government cannot draw upon a single success of such legislation and a statistical majority is required to prove this false claim. It is quite obvious to anyone; gun control laws do not control crime or criminal guns, nor will the supply of guns to criminals be reduced.

This means that the public will be subjected to even higher levels of crime simply to appease an incompetent government as it attempts to cover up that incompetence. Government is unconcerned for the lives of citizens, women and children that will be raped, murdered and abused, incompetence must not be exposed.

Guns will not rape, murder or abuse. Criminals and people that have no fear of arrest or prosecution will. The possession of a firearm does not create a sick mind and the removal of a firearm will not cure a sick mind. Concentrating on a tool of crime is a diversionary tactic to remove the spotlight of public indignation at the high levels of crime from the real causes and governments very poor attention and incompetent management of those causes.

* Who believes the Firearms Control Act will reduce rape when it makes it more difficult to carry or obtain a firearm for self-defence?

* Who believes making the criminal workplace safer for criminals will reduce crime?

* Who believes stricter gun control will rehabilitate criminals?

* Can anyone suggest a single reason why criminals will not see fewer armed citizens as an open invitation to commit more crime?

* Can anyone suggest why criminals will not see more armed citizens as a danger to their trade and lives. Are the lessons of the USA not applicable to South Africa for some strange reason?

* Does anyone have any real evidence that licensed firearm owners are incompetent or commit any more crime that the average citizen? Sydney Mufamadi in 1997 in answers to Parliament gave the answer. Licensed firearm owners commit an insignificant amount of violent rime.

Those with other intentions, those pretending that what they propose will be for the public good or will save lives or children must be exposed, so that crime is actually reduced. The people of South Africa cannot afford to allow the government to play politics with their lives.

If there is the slightest danger that ideological or poor legislation will endanger the lives of the public. Then the public have every right to know of this danger and protest what is inexcusable. Government owes the public an explanation for is actions in endangering the lives of the public and cannot avoid its responsibilities. Either that or charge the Minister responsible with treason.

"Two memorials remain today at Thermoplylae. Upon the modern one is engraved his response to Xerxes' demand that the Spartans lay down their arms. Leonidas' reply was two words, Molon Labe. 'Come and get them'."
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