Sheep, Guns & Self Reliance

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Sheep, Guns & Self Reliance

Postby Martin_tu » Wed, 2006-02-08 17:23

Sheep, guns and self-reliance.

Nowhere in the South African political landscape is the divide between left and right greater than in the realm of self-defense. This is true on the individual level, as when one awakes at two in the morning with intruders in the bedroom, and it is true in our collective experience as a nation.

While the criminal class rapes, robs, murders and plunders its way to prosperity, the ANC's collective wisdom is to pry firearms from the cold, dead hands of victims and those next in line.

While their friends and neighbors are being murdered daily in the streets, the ivory-tower left is busy "cooking the books" on crime, punishment, and self defense - as in the case of Gun Free South Africa, whose now thoroughly discredited conclusion of the so called "study' of Anthony Altbecker's research on legal gun ownership, ("Owning a gun makes you 4 times more likely to have it used against you"), -based entirely on 1000 police dockets of FAILED defences.

Victimhood seems to be the apex of human achievement for the Gunfree's. Now they would like to impose it upon us as a nation in the war against crime and terror. I say this because of the left's criticism of civilian anti-crime efforts.

The MEC for Education in the western Cape recently announced that 'The Public', (that's you and me again!), should stand up against this current spate of armed gangsterism terrorising schools in the Province. But -like Nqakula- rarely travels with less than half a dozen well-armed bodyguards himself. Both strenuously supporting schools becoming Gun Free Zones, (read criminal free-fire killing Zones).

The fundamental question is: Who's responsible in an emergency? The answer, You are. This is tough medicine for the left to swallow. Personal responsibility has always been the left's bogeyman - whether it's armed victims confronting intruders in their bedrooms or Neighbourhood Watch and Sector Crime Forum volunteers assisting and defending their neighbours from a hijacking or robbery in their own driveway.

The governments response has been predictable: The problem is a lack of government funding for community-based projects and other voluntary workers. The left, you see, has only one answer. It doesn't matter what the question is. Government's vision for South Africa, everyone works for the government.

Leftist politicians control the means of production, if not through financial ownership then by bureaucratic regulation. They also strive to control most peoples 'worldview' via the majority of the media. So we're expected to do what people like Charles Nqakula and Jaco Bothma of the Firearm Registry tell us, when they tell us.

The moment we are confronted with anything outside of our 'job description' as model citizens, the only acceptable response, is to call another government bureaucrat (or rather their consultants) for help. While we wait, we are encouraged to embrace the martyrdom of victimhood.

Private citizens doing anything on their own to help their friends and neighbours in time of emergency is anathema to the left. It is the beginning of the end of their reign, which explains their vitriol toward people like Manny Ferrieninha of CMS in Benoni, who only a few years ago led a march of twelve thousand citizens to Pretoria complaining about the lack of service-delivery.

Crime-prevention you see is the exclusively the job of government, no one else. No matter how pathetically the authorities are performing the task. It's called a monopply of power. Doling out benefits is the job of leftist politicians; it's how they buy re-election. The left's job is to ensure that adequate numbers of government employees are available to respond in an appropriate manner to any and all emergencies.

And it is the left's politicians alone who determine what level of response is appropriate. Our only real input as citizens is to nod our approval, pull the voting lever at election time, and, oh yes, hand over our wallets to pay for it all.

Someone needs to tell the South African left that this system of government is called totalitarianism. In the now-defunct Soviet Union, where it was practiced, communism resulted in 20 million state murders of citizens who disagreed, and 70 years of misery for those who survived. It created the largest, most toxic waste dump in human history, and it polluted the entire world with its political fantasies of heaven on earth.

Those who worship communism despise God and look down their noses at humanity, for the careerist ruling-elite believe themselves to be gods. They despise 'the masses', (you and me) because we called their bluff. And they hate conservatives, because we tell the truth about God, man, and government.

These same folks who despise us citizens have now united around the cause of "democracy," (by which they mean obedience). South Africa is to endure a future of endless "No budget" excuses as payback for 'colonial rule/ apartheid regime/ white supremacism', for as long as they can get away with it, as in neighbouring Zimbabwe for example, for well over 20 years now.

Their wrath is further kindled because we refuse to bow down and kiss the United Nations' ring (finger) and pledge allegiance to our own destruction. Their world is coming apart at the seams, they have no answers, and apart from fiddling their travel-expenses, they don't know what else to do.

Martin Hedington.
Community Crime-prevention Initiative.
Regional Executive Gun Owners of South Africa.
Kempton Park.
011 391 2979
082 392 9744

(Adapted from Craige McMillan's 'Sheep, goats and guns'. Graig is the founder of CC&M, <> )
"I'd rather have a gun and not need it than vice versa."
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