2014-09-03: Bogus cops shot dead in Midrand

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2014-09-03: Bogus cops shot dead in Midrand

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2014-09-03 11:48

http://ewn.co.za/2014/09/03/Bogus-cops- ... in-Midrand


JOHANNESBURG – A dramatic early morning shootout between police and a gang of suspected truck hijackers, including real and fake police officers, has resulted in two of the alleged robbers being shot dead.

The suspects were dressed in police uniforms and driving a car with fake number plates and police decals.

The shootout took place in Midrand shortly after midnight following a brief car chase.

High calibre weapons such as an R5 assault rifle were recovered.

An R5 rifle, Z88 pistol, police radio and a police bulletproof vest were found in the fake police car after the shooting on 3 September 2014. Picture: Supplied to EWN.

The Hawks' Paul Ramaloko says after the alleged truck hijacking gang noticed the police were following them, they tried to flee after opening fire on the officers.

“Five suspects were confronted. Two of them were killed during a shootout and three of them were arrested.”

He says after the shootout, the Hawks discovered tools believed to have been used in hijackings and business robberies.

“In the suspect’s vehicle we found two jamming devices. This gang is suspected of also being involved in truck hijackings.”

He says of the three men arrested, two are real policemen.
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