Top cop in gun licence furore

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Top cop in gun licence furore

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2013-07-09 08:55

Johannesburg - The Central Firearms Registry (CFR) head in Pretoria has been accused of accepting bribes from an employee at a Joburg gun shop in exchange for securing gun licences.

This is according to a state witness in an upcoming case, who claimed that as an employee of Dave Sheer Guns – a leading distributor of firearms and accessories on the continent – she paid Brigadier Mathapelo Miriam Mangwani R5 000 and R10 000 twice a month in cash for four years.

The payments were made allegedly to, among other things, fast-track the issuing of licences for clients of the gun shop.

The Hawks, along with forensic consultant Paul O’Sullivan, are investigating the allegations levelled against the gun dealer and the brigadier.

The investigation follows the statements of a previous employee at the gun company, who said that on the instructions of her employer, she had bribed many police officers, including an officer nicknamed “Mama”, who she identified as Mangwani.

Susie, whose real name is known to The Star but is being withheld to protect her identity, named 18 police officers at the firearms registry who she said were on Dave Sheer’s payroll, and that she personally paid bribes to some of them.

According to Susie’s affidavit, which The Star has seen, Mangwani allegedly gave Dave Sheer Guns information they needed on licences.

Susie alleges she saw the brigadier so many times over four years that they became familiar with each other to the degree they would hug when greeting.

“She would then bad-mouth Brigadier Bothma (Brigadier Jaco Bothma, previous Central Firearms Registry head) and would say that she is the boss now.

“Mangwani would also tell me to relay information to De Nysschen (Gareth de Nysschen is a director at Dave Sheer Guns), where he should be careful in his illicit dealings,” Susie said.

On another occasion, Susie said she met Mangwani at a shopping centre diagonally opposite the McDonald’s in Woodmead.

“She was clever never to park near cameras. When I arrived, she climbed into my car and we drove to the back of the shopping centre where the dustbins were,” Susie said.

“We spoke about her new car, an Audi, and some of the people in CFR. Mangwani had a lot of power inside the CFR; she sat on a panel that approved applications and she would make sure that the majority of Dave Sheer applications were approved.”

The employee said it was a joke at the shop that the bribes were helping police members’ children at the CFR to a better education.

Gun owners are required to be in possession of a licence, but the application process is quite cumbersome, with potential gun owners waiting months and, in some cases, years for licences.

The allegations are in stark contrast to Mangwani’s public image. Last year, Mangwani told The Star’s sister paper, the Pretoria News, that she would investigate all allegations of corruption levelled against her office.

“I want to turn things around. The corrupter and the (corrupted) should face the consequences,” Mangwani was quoted as saying.

“I want people to come forward to say what their problems are.”

But, contacted for comment regarding the allegations against her, Mangwani ignored e-mails, phone calls and SMSes from The Star.

An attorney initially contacted the paper to say he would be representing the brigadier, but later informed the paper he had decided to pull away from the case because it involved a police investigation.

The Hawks would not comment.
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Dave Sheer Guns takes aim at Suzie

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2013-07-09 08:56

Johannesburg - David Sheer and Gareth de Nysschen, of Dave Sheer Guns, met The Star last week to give their side of the story.

De Nysschen denied any knowledge of illegal activities and denied ever bribing Brigadier Mathapelo Miriam Mangwani.

He said they were involved in three lawsuits against the brigadier. The litigation was for administrative and procedural inefficiencies in processing applications.

“Why would we be suing the same person we are supposed to have bribed?” De Nysschen asked.

The men said Susie had to be booked off work because she had a bipolar disorder, and that if any illegal activities were happening, it was of her own accord.

De Nysschen said they fired Susie after allegedly discovering she was duplicating serial numbers of many weapons, and making so many mistakes that she would please clients by giving them weapons far more expensive than the ones they had ordered.

He said they did an audit to try to see what Susie had done, and it was “a huge mess”.

He said she double-sold guns and duplicated serial numbers – “and we are not talking of one firearm, we are talking 50 at a time”.

De Nysschen said many of Susie’s claims were impossible, particularly the fabrication of serial numbers. He said the police’s computer system would simply reject an unknown serial number.

He also said the export of weapons had to go through the national conventional arms control committee, and they would not be able to obtain export permits by bribing police officers.

They accused Susie of launching a vicious corporate espionage attack against them.
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Re: Top cop in gun licence furore

Postby Martin_tu » Tue, 2013-07-30 11:47

The "Hawks" will not comment simply because they no longer exist except on paper. The last remaining member, one Mathews Polela, was recently fired because he's the moron that quipped on twitter about a certain person that had been convicted of a crime (one jub-jub) should be supplied a jar of vaseline for the duration of his stay in prison. Such is the quality of most -if not all- of our public representatives it seems.

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Re: Top cop in gun licence furore

Postby jullianrev » Tue, 2014-05-27 10:02

I realised very early on that the gun industry sells industrial products rebranded as range equipment at elevated prices. Impact resistand eyewear is impact resistand eyewear. Engineering standards are very strict so if it complies to their standards then you know you'll be safe wearing these.
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