The Cream of the Crop

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The Cream of the Crop

Postby crimefree » Wed, 2012-12-05 12:46

The cream of the crop

Something that has troubled me for sometime is our disillusionment and belief we (SALGO) failed somehow to overturn the FCA.

I am a victim of that as much as anyone else and played a large part in the generation of that very idea. For that I am truly sorry.

I forgot why SALGO was formed and got caught up in doing what we should have been encouraging, promoting and telling people, giving them hope, faith and courage to take this huge task on. To find what needed to be done.

Do not judge our success on what impact we had directly on the FCA as that was not our intention or goal ever. SALGO was set up as a think-tank, a melting pot of ideas. We knew from the start there was no model and no manual to follow and we would have to find a way.

We knew it would be difficult and old ideas and ways had to be changed. We knew we could not win without public support.

Our objective was to find what needed to be done and how. Then to let others know what needs to be done. To motive, encourage and impart that knowledge and experience. To show by example and get the ball rolling.

We changed public opinion, set the world of firearms owners alight with our ideas and success in the media. We started GOSA and helped and aided BGOASA the only two organisations to directly challenge the FCA and reject the FCA and make big news.

GFSA and government could not get a word of propaganda and deliberate misleading of citizens in the news or media that was not challenged and countered.. They could not appear on radio or TV that was not challenged and countered.

We used everything at our disposal we complained and objected to being made to look like criminals by GFSA, government and the media. We challenged advertising, content and whatever we could and succeeded beyond anyone's previous hopes or expectations.

It cost us dearly due to lack of understanding of the pressure and stress we needed to overcome. The psychological impact of having to deal with people driven and controlled by emotion and not logical reasoned thought was ignored due to lack of experience and knowledge.

They say hind sight is 20:20 vision and it is only if you look. Mistakes are there to teach us not to get mired in self recrimination and blame. We succeeded in our task and became the only firearm organisation to show the way to success. Be proud of that achievement and it vindicates my never failing belief that SALGO members are the cream of the crop. The best there is. We are.

I say a big thank you to all SALGO members who took the time and trouble to protect the rights of others and find ways of succeeding against gun control.
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