Our history II

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Our history II

Postby crimefree » Tue, 2012-10-23 09:57

SALGO and GOSA history II

Gunfree worked damn hard to convince citizens and government that getting rid of guns was a good idea supported by voters and it paid off.

Both Gunfree and government got what they wanted because they could do so with impunity, without loss of votes or popularity. Citizens would support this law and not punish the ANC for introducing such a law with a loss of popularity or votes.

Every single firearm organisation and Gun Shop via the National Firearm Forum knew what was happening. Five out of six hundred dealers and organisations paid their fees and one helped a bit.

SAFF was started as the grass roots effort by Alex Holmes also NFF chairman but battled to get support and recognition. NFF's objective was to raise public awareness.

SAFF was the best thing going for firearm owners and did more work than the combined effort off every dealer and organisation in South Africa. SAFF and SALGO were of the very very few organisations in the world that have changed public opinion for the better and the only organisations in South Africa.

2000 objections and submissions on the FCA bill more that any bill had ever received in South Africa was due in a very large part to SAFF.

SAFF while I was moderator grew constantly to a membership of +600 and gave up on organisations ever seeing any light or reason for public education. GOSA was started as a result of SALGO and twenty seven brave firearm owners with a vision of victory and freedom for firearm owners.

SAFF and SALGO were world leaders and the only example of a successful firearms rights advocacy group. Both but SALGO in particular had to remain hidden from general view because they would have been incorrectly labelled as pressure groups and have suffered from lack of exposure and recognition because of that.

GOSA was a good start against huge odds and opposition from firearm owners and organisations who were against rejection of gun control and wanted to "negotiate" a better deal with oppressive unjustified laws, to fix the FCA so it could work. It is self evident that these organisations accepted that hundreds of thousand would be impacted by the FCA but that they would do nothing for or help those deprived.

GOSA was immediately labelled as the enemy as nothing but complete rejection of the FCA was wanted and several attempts were made to set up competing organisations which all failed because they were no different to SAGA.

The most successful organisations in fighting the FCA and demanding firearm ownership rights have been GOSA and BOGASA. Both correctly would not accept unjustified gun control or the FCA. Yet both received criticism and attacks that were totally unwarranted or deserved.

Firearm owners were persuaded by organisations to do nothing as the experts were handling the problem. We see today the results of that expert handling of the problem.

It is self evident that acceptance of an injustice will not be opposed by those who accept the injustice. The greatest mistake made was that promotion by all other firearm organisations of acceptance of unwarranted injustice to others. No right is a right if it is denied to anyone. One cannot negotiate a lesser injustice without acceptance of that injustice.

The toll to firearm ownership has been the price paid and millions to day are defenceless due to the failure to motivate and mobilise the public and firearm owners to object to injustice and unwarranted oppressive gun control laws. To counter what got us here in the first place, the lack of massive objection to such laws. To value their right and not sit and watch as they were removed but to demand full restitution. That nothing less would suffice to make them happy. There is no such thing as half a right or just missing a little.

Two organisations attempted to obtain compensation but forgot compensation cannot replace a life, safety, liberty or freedom.

Those involved are asked nicely to come forth and tell your side, your version, how you saw it so this story is complete. Firearm owners need to know what we did for them and the credit you deserve is long over due.

Peter Moss 2012.
"Two memorials remain today at Thermoplylae. Upon the modern one is engraved his response to Xerxes' demand that the Spartans lay down their arms. Leonidas' reply was two words, Molon Labe. 'Come and get them'."
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