Press Release 2011-06-27: SAIRR

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Press Release 2011-06-27: SAIRR

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GOSA Press Release 2011-06-27

Late last year Minister Nathi Mthethwa admitted, after years of denial,
that problems exist at the Central Firearms Registry, and promised
measures to resolve them.

Predictably, there has been no improvement, in fact the situation has
been made worse by new and unnecessary regulations imposed on antique

In a recent issue, Beeld shed further light on the incredible chaos at
the registry, including a photo of thousands of files lying in piles on
the floor.

To complete the picture, the SA Institute for Race Relations has
published an accurate summary of the situation, which it blames on
government's obsession with ideology at the expense of fact.

[ ... -june-2011 ]

Among other things, SAIRR asks why eight million vehicles can be
licensed annually without too much trouble, but SAPS is thrown into
chaos by less than two million firearm licence applications in five

The answer is threefold. First, the present system of licensing is
intended to make firearm ownership extremely difficult. Secondly,
denial is a tactic intended to make the applicant give up or force him
to expensive court action to secure his rights. And thirdly, sheer

But whatever the reasons, it is not acceptable in a society that claims
to be democratic, and a more democratic dispensation is long overdue.

Dick Boothroyd
On behalf of GOSA
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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