Media Release 18 February 2011

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Media Release 18 February 2011

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2011-02-18 16:45



When the Minister of Police tells Gun Owners of South Africa (GOSA):

"We could never equate a cost to human lives when it comes to
fighting crime. The ministry, in its endeavours of ensuring
proper control of firearms in this country, is not informed by
how much that would cost"

we feel the second part of the question is being answered!

The costs of implementation of the Firearms Control Act have obviously been astronomical. As they were in Canada, where the blueprint for the FCA was cut-and-pasted from.

For very little benefit. As could be expected when trying to make the law-abiding law-abiding.

Minister Mthethwa answered the first part of a two part question in November in a report-back to the nation on an inquiry by the Secretariat of Police in a presentation to the National Press Club at the Sheraton Hotel.

Now tell the people of South Africa how much this Act has cost them, Mr. Minister! Especially the ordinary working people - and the elderly - who currently have to hire an attorney to complete a gun license application form.

Minister Mthethwa confirmed in November what gun owners had been telling the SAPS since 1999.

The Firearms Control Act cannot be implemented and administered by the SAPS. The country just cannot afford it. Every Rand poured into the Central Firearms Register is a Rand diverted away from effective policing, from replacing lost keys to holding cells, fixing toilets in police stations, putting band-aids on damaged infrastructure. The visible examples of mismanagement and signs of decay we could list are legion, although this Minister is making great strides in reversing the incompetence and mismanagement of his predecessor.

Gun Owners of South Africa (GOSA) publicly challenge the Minister to request that the Auditor-General, Mr. Terrence Nombembe, conduct a forensic audit of the implementation of the Firearms Control Act of 2000 since it was signed into law 11 years ago.

Brett Nortje
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There is cost... and cost.

Postby Martin_tu » Sat, 2011-02-19 11:06

The real financial costs of the FCA of course will never be known but at one point it was estimated by some to be in the region of one point eight Billion Rand.

Given that the entire FCA fiasco has been openly proven -and even admitted by the SAPS Civil Secretariat - to be a quote "Disaster" one can then easily move on to the other cost, human lives.

Amongst many media stories of 'previously surrendered' (from civilians to SAPS custody) -firearms appearing at crime scenes, of actual police weapons such as almost 150 R5 machine guns disappearing from police custody, plus nearly ten thousand other guns over a recent two-year period, this surely begs the question: Why no state audit?

And what exactly is it the pressing need for the police and the minister to place so much emphasis on destroying hundreds of thousands of -still legally licensed- firearms now. I think the answer is a no-brainer, many thousands of them, perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands, have been sold off either locally -to criminals of course- or they've been sold off internationally by known gun-runners, people who were previously tasked by the ANC to smuggle weapons into SA for 'the struggle'. (That being 'the armed struggle').

But back to the human cost. Knowing that well over eight hundred thousand legally-held weapons were intimidated, extorted and defrauded out of the publics posession over the last six years, knowing also now that the police are in fact cooking the crime-stat books, -not the least of which are the murder stats-, its becoming very obvious indeed that the ANC perhaps have placed a cost or value on our lives, that value appears to be near zero, if not less.

This phenomenon, this disgrace, must not be allowed to continue. Disarming the law-abiding public can only result in one outcome; besides the obvious scenario that the criminal class are then free to declare open war on us the innocent, (like they haven't already?), Joe and Jane soap also become fair game for any tin-pot two-bit state megalomaniac with a power complex personality disorder. And we have enough of them lurking around in public office, (one in particular occasionally wearing his cowboy hat), now don't we.

Lets just briefly cast our minds back to the last time 'prohibition' was enforced (on the American public). This entire chapter in their history led to the worlds largest criminal empire earning probably many tens of millions, (these days, the equivalent of billions).

One only needs to follow the money trail. Not that thats going to be easy given the media clampdown on anything to do with the ANC and its many cronies, well, anything embarrasing that is.

Martin Hedington.
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