2011-01-24: Letter: Their own worst enemies

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2011-01-24: Letter: Their own worst enemies

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2011-01-26 07:44

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Their own worst enemies
by Dion Goldie

2011-01-24 11:14

Dear Editor,

Firearm owners are their own worst enemies! Forget about Gun Free SA, they are inconsequential when you compare them to the absolute effect lawful firearm owners have had on their own rights! By the way, I include myself in that group!

Is it not true that the Firearm Control Act (FCA) has effectively killed the sporting firearm industry (95% of gun shops have closed)?

Is it not true that the FCA has effectively disarmed thousands upon thousands of lawfully licenced firearm owners due to its blatant unworkability?

Is it not true that thousands upon thousands of lawfully licensed firearm owners have meekly handedover their firearms for destruction - WITHOUT BEING PAID A CENT FOR THEM?

Is it not true that firearm organisations have gone into survival mode to ensure that they receive some sort of favourable treatment from the FCA at the expense of other firearm organisations?

Is it not true that firearm owners have abdicated their responsibility to these firearm organisations to "fight" the FCA on their behalf?

I can carry on, but suffice to say that while many a firearm owner bemoans his/her lot in SA with regard to firearm ownership, and also bemoans the ineffective combating of the draconian and suppressive law, how many are willing to actually lift their heads out the sand and actually do something for themselves?

So what am I saying? If you have any hope of actually trying to fight the effects of the FCA or 1st prize, to reverse the FCA then GET OF YOUR BACKSIDE and do something!

Mmmm What I hear! Start simply by making a comment about this letter, good, bad indifferent, I don't care. Just do something to show your dissatisfaction! It is the proverbial start to that snowball!

Rejuvenated firearm enthusiast and gatvol with having my rights legislated away!

Dion Goldie
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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