2010-01-12: BGOASA Press Release: Amnesty

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2010-01-12: BGOASA Press Release: Amnesty

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2010-01-13 08:53

BGOASA media release.

BGOASA would have preferred to have commended the Minister of Police
for his forward thinking and duty to the public of South Africa but
this is not possible after the announcement of the latest so-called
'firearms amnesty'. These continued threats and disregard for
citizens rights is a most disturbing trend.

The previous, 2005 amnesty was an abject failure in terms of
increasing public safety since -by the police's own admission,
following forensic tests-, apparently not one single 'criminal
firearm' was handed in. Must the public accept that confiscating
firearms from the posession of the poor, aged, infirm and law-abiding
is what the Minister would term an "unqualified success". Given the
unrealistic parameters of this latest amnesty fiasco, criminals are
certainly not going to hand in any of their firearms to the police,
so claiming that the 2010 'amnesty' will be a great success in
fighting crime is unbelievably foolish, possibly even fraudulent.

The Minister should be taken to task for persecuting hundreds of
thousands of law-abiding citizens by way of commandeering SAPS into
harassing them with threats of prosecution, fines and imprisonment for
disobeying a highly questionable Law, especially considering that two
separate High Court cases have clearly identified the FCA as
unacceptable. This is not 'voluntary surrender' of property, it is
blatant intimidation and in contravention of the constitution.

Not withstanding this, the Minister has also failed to comprehend that
5 years of incompetence by the SAPS in processing gun licenses is
unlikely to be overcome in the short time he now gives in this further
process. BGOASA points out to the Minister that while he dreams of a
gunfree society, neither he -nor any government in the world-, has
succeeded in removing firearms from criminals hands.

Therefore it must be made known to the public that the Minister and
SAPS cannot have the public´s safety in mind by forcing an already
overworked SAPS into fruitless time-wasting interventions that have
absolutely no chance of reducing violent crime or increasing public
safety, precisely the opposite of both is far more likely.

BGOASA therefore recommends the Minister accept that the current
abysmal arrest and conviction rate of all crime is very much
influenced by the expensive time and resource-robbing, wasted effort
of government's gun control policy. This travesty cannot be accepted
by citizens as increasing either their safety or anyones confidence in
our police.

The South African Gunowner is the street police officer -and publics-
best friend in crime-prevention, not anyones enemy. Disarming the
victims of crime will only help criminals and further increase violent
crime levels in South Africa, of that we are absolutely certain. Crime
records show BGOASA is right. As with the previous amnesty, this one
will also;

* Decrease public safety
* Not remove firearms from criminals
* Not reduce crime
* Not rehabilitate criminals
* Not cause criminals any fear of the "poppe gaan dans".
* Not decrease violence
* Not improve the SAPS record of crime fighting.
* Not improve the police image and public confidence.

It will however give criminals many more defenceless victims.

In Common Cause, namely, Crime Prevention.

Abios Khoele: National Chairman; Black Gun Owners Association of South
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