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Understanding the failure of crime prevention
Eric Pelser
Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention
Published in Crime Quarterly No 22 December 2007 ... &tmpl_id=3

Pelsers argument like Altbeker misses one of the most vital things about anything bad happing.

It is like asking why did the Roman Catholic Church embark on the crusade and killing untold millions over a 700 year period. - Because they could - is the only plausible answer. That and driven by hate and ambition people will do anything. The equation for genocide is genocide = disarmament + hate.

Why is crime in SA so violent - Criminals use violence and the threat of violence to achieve fear and compliance from their victims. Criminals want total control and no possibility of any adverse reaction from victims to make their job easier. The greater the threat of danger criminals can instil and the public knowledge that this will happen the better for crime. Once you have a complaint victim, they are there for your pleasure and example to the public, the next victim. Hate is also a driving factor in violence and must not be disregarded.

Since the majority of crimes are unpunished and daily we see the law treated with contempt by the government, criminals and criminality are encouraged by such conditions. When government offers paltry excuse for blatantly ignoring the law and light or no punishment for offenders from its own ranks by covering up and denying self enrichment corruption that is openly known to have occurred, there can be no reason why criminals should expect any less.

Criminals are violent by nature, they are predators preying on the weak, frightened and defenceless, unrestrained by virtually any chance of punishment or even just punishment for the crime, the answer is simple - because they can be as violent as needed or they want to be. Because they can do so with impunity.

By example if we dropped the law on murder what would happen to the murder rate? Any law not enforced and punished is no law at all and may as well not exist. The deterrent effect of any law is the swift sure equitable punishment of offenders.

Pelser is indeed correct when he points to incompetence and mismanagement as a prime problem. That social problems are and have been know to be the root causes of crime for a very long time.

Government by its constant appealing to public popularity with gifts and handouts has developed a nation of free loaders who expect to be given everything. That handouts deplete what should be spent on social upliftment. That the constant excuses and justifications of these popularity gaining ideological investments in retaining popularity serve more to generate objection and differences of intolerance between those who have to contribute and those who are receiving governments gifts.

As correctly pointed out the onus for crime prevention is now placed on a totally ineffective and inefficient police, criminal justice system and correctional services. It is not even known by those in power what the function of the police is and some how the police are seen as a crime preventative force rather than law enforcement, crime investigation and keeping public order. Sir Robert Peel must be turning over in his grave.

Instead the police are seen as free body guards, escort service and home security service for those who are favoured by government. That the police are the pawns of government and must carry out ideological political functions and those that are designed more as crowd pleases and popularity measures than crime prevention. It is small wonder that the police stripped of their function, resources and competent management are turned into political lackeys who turn to crime themselves and treat the public with the same contempt their masters do.

Then we have governments desire to feel safe in retaining power at any cost to the public by following the dictates of hate organisations like gun control in some misguided and unproven belief it is the gun that pulls the trigger and causes crime. Giving gifts to the needy and deprived criminals of unarmed victims already traumatised by rampant uncontrolled crime that is so violent and unmerciful it is unbelievable in other civilised countries. Criminals get to vote so must not be forgotten.

Somehow in government's demented thinking government expects the public to believe that by depriving citizens of the ability to protect themselves criminals will become model citizens.

• Would violent criminals be deprived of firearms? There is a plentiful supply already in the illegal pool and criminals can supplement this in so many ways it is astonishing to believe that sane reasonable people can actually believe this lie.

• Would criminals already enticed by easy money, low risk of prosecution and an expensive life-style from the massive proceeds of crime suddenly develop a social conscious and seek menial low paid work? Few would think there was even a vague chance of such lofty ideals.

• Would unarmed citizens now dissuade criminals - and aspirant criminals - not quite so brave enough to risk life and limb with confrontation of an armed citizen, in a safe work place and no risk of serious injury or even death, from committing crime?

• Would government’s gift of unarmed victims to criminals be seen as an act of friendship and aid or a reason to rehabilitate themselves into becoming law-abiding model citizens?

• Would all citizens suffer higher crime rates and increased risk of injury, even death, because of this ban or would we be living in the promised land of safety and security?

It should come as no surprise to anyone that violent and even non-violent criminals will react by celebrating the bounty of unarmed victims awarded to them by government in the only way possible, by becoming even more brazen, violent and active in crime.

Government will not accept any responsibility for their decisions, the self-evident results of such legislation could hardly be claimed to be unknown.
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