2009-11-10: Armoury puzzle


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2009-11-10: Armoury puzzle

Postby GOSA » Thu, 2009-11-19 15:47

Armoury puzzle

WITNESS readers will have noted with astonishment the report that a traffic officer in charge of the municipal armoury has been suspended for refusing, in terms of the Firearms Control Act, to hand over firearms to two members of the mayor's VIP unit whose own weapons had been taken away by the police­ for ballistic tests after they had been involved in shooting incidents unrelated to their official duties. What is disturbing are reports of a scuffle suggesting that the guards attempted to take the firearms by force. And when the officer concerned did agree to issue the weapons, provided he received written authority from the municipal manager, the letter that came was signed by a secretary.

Municipal authorities are being cagey and refusing to engage with the media. But while the investigation now under way must run its appointed course, the public must surely be wondering whether any offence worthy of suspension was committed, whether the authority of the municipal manager overrides the provisions of the Firearms Control Act and why the municipality is hiding behind the excuse that the entire incident is sub judice. 10 Nov 2009

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