2009-10-27: Gun owners must carry licences with them

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2009-10-27: Gun owners must carry licences with them

Postby GOSA » Thu, 2009-11-19 15:26

Gun owners must carry licences with them
27 October 2009, 12:08

Gun owners who carry their arms in public must also carry the
relevant firearm licence and their identity document, Gauteng
police warned on Tuesday.

"These documents are very important as they may at any moment be
confronted by law enforcement officers during police operations,"
Superintendent Eugene Opperman said.

"... they then need to immediately produce it. The licence they
carry must be for the specific firearm they have in their
possession. The identity document is needed to prove a person's
identity as the licence alone cannot perform that function."

In routine stop and searches carried out around the province over
the past 24 hours, 13 people were arrested and eight illegal
firearms were recovered, Opperman said on Tuesday morning.

"One such incident on Monday involved the arrest of four suspects
after information was received that the men were planning to
commit an armed house robbery in Alberton," Opperman said.

"The vehicle used by the suspects was stopped on the Old
Vereeniging road in Alrode South. On searching the vehicle police
found a stolen revolver in the car. All four men were arrested."

In an unrelated incident, Springs police investigating an alleged
kidnapping case went to an address in 3rd street.

On searching the premises they found an illegal firearm hidden
between the mattress and base of a bed.

One person was arrested, said Opperman. - Sapa
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