2009-10-20: Don't gun for legal weapons

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2009-10-20: Don't gun for legal weapons

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2009-11-16 14:44

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Don't gun for legal weapons

Ignorance is one thing - but many in SA are brainwashed by propaganda put out by the likes of GFSA and indeed the ANC.

Once has to question the motives for deciding against all reason, that legal guns are the cause of crime - and that removing them from their legal owners can have any effect on the levels of violent crime in SA.

In all discussions on this topic I have never heard the answer to the question often posed - "Explain how removing legal guns from the law-abiding will take illegal guns from criminal hands?"

Invariably the proponent of a 'gun-free' SA wanders off at a tangent at this point!

Read more well reasoned argument here:

http://www.richmarksentinel.co.za/rs_ar ... p?conid=13

What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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