2009-04-02 : Gun owners challenge law abuse


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2009-04-02 : Gun owners challenge law abuse

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2009-04-15 14:48

Gun owners challenge law abuse
02 Apr 2009
Witness Reporter

Gun Owners of South Africa (Gosa) do not agree with how the new
firearm licensing laws have been implemented.

Firearms owners who have been unable to renew their licence, or
have not been approved for renewal, have had to surrender their

The cut-off for this year was Tuesday. Those who missed the
deadline have till the end of June to dispose of their firearms.

Almost 600 000 gun owners have been forced to surrender their
firearms in the past three years.

They are entitled to receive compensation under a law
administered under the Arms and Ammunition Act.

According to Abios Khoele, national chairman of the Black Gun
Owners' Association of South Africa (BGOASA), none of the 600
000 has so far been compensated.

Khoele criticised the ANC governmenty for paying more attention
to taxi drivers than to citizens who want to protect themselves.

"When taxi drivers refuse to obey the law and demand to speak to
government because they were not consulted, the ANC comes
running to listen. When firearm owners refuse to obey the law,
the ANC hides behind the blanket of the SAPS who regularly
threaten to imprison everyone."

Khoele said he feels the ANC should have mentioned in its
manifesto its intention "to render law-abiding citizens
defenceless" in the face of the country's worsening crime
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