2009-03-02 : Firearms asking to be stolen


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2009-03-02 : Firearms asking to be stolen

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2009-04-15 11:02


Firearms asking to be stolen
02 Mar 2009

SELDOM have I been so incensed as when I learnt of the theft of 15 firearms from the Durban beach-front South African Police Services office. There the firearms were, handily gathered together in a bag as if awaiting collection — and collected they were. Two armed men stroll into an SAPS office and are then handed a bag of firearms and stroll out to distribute them among their chums to assist them in a quest to rob, rape and murder.

The Joint Operations Centre of the SAPS and Metro Police at Boscombe Terrace in Durban is there to protect those of us who live here, as well as tourists — yet they are incapable of protecting their own firearms. The question begs to be asked: why were the guns not stored in secure places when not being used? That 15 weapons should be left around in a bag, as the reports indicate, is clearly an act of gross negligence.

A total of 6 888 police firearms were lost or stolen between 2004 and 2007. The rate of firearm losses also increased rapidly — by 425% — during this time and the SAPS only recovered 158. The SAPS has also failed to secure the return of over 400 firearms from former officers who have left the service. These firearms are, by all accounts, now in the hands of criminals. The buck must stop with the station commissioners and in this case immediate suspension is what we are calling for.


Posted by Rick Baratta on 02 Mar 2009

As America's gentleman robber Willie Sutton once said, when asked why he robbed banks "well that is where the money is."

And so with the fantastic reduction of firearms (so says Gun Free Africa) I guess the criminals are being forced to go where the guns are.

Of course we all know that the police have been selling the guns to the criminals, albeit under the pretense of a robbery, so what's new.

One solution offered by the fuzzy-heads is to pay the police officers more money, so they won't steal. So we pay our politicians an outragious salary...and of course they stopped stealing?

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