Letter : Firearms Act hasn't cut guns in the system

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Letter : Firearms Act hasn't cut guns in the system

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2008-10-21 14:44

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Firearms Act hasn't cut guns in the system

When the Firearms Control Act was introduced it was said the aim was to
reduce deadly weapons in the system, which means less guns for criminals to
steal. But recently guns were stolen from the SAPS while the public remains
defenceless. Perhaps the main reason behind unarming the average man was not
to reduce guns in the system, but rather to remove our ability to defend
ourselves, not from criminals but from the law itself. It's a case of
criminals protecting other criminals from the cash cow known as the law
abiding, tax-paying citizen. Meanwhile, the UK is allowing citizens to use
full force on anyone who enters their home illegally or threatens their
families' safety.


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