2008-03-10 : Letter : Outlaw private guns

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2008-03-10 : Letter : Outlaw private guns

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2008-04-14 07:51


Outlaw private guns
March 10, 2008 Edition 1

The Azanian People's Organisation (Azapo) does not believe bringing back the death penalty will reduce crime. We don't need a referendum.

Azapo contends that the laws allowing civilian gun ownership perpetuate the crime pandemic. For their protection, gun-owners want to be more powerful than criminals. Criminals are also scaling up their weaponry.

As a result, we have a private arms race - one legal and the other not.

We must break this cycle by banning private gun ownership altogether. Police and those in security services must carry arms only on duty.

We accept that no one is born a criminal, but that society produces such people. We should be tackling anti-social tendencies in our society with teaching at home, at school, in our churches and in the media. Our society and economy should be geared to supporting all of us fairly and equitable.

There are 4.5 million legal guns in the country and no one knows how many illegal guns.

According to the statistics, 70 legal guns are lost or stolen every day. Thus, the pool of illegal guns is growing.

Every illegal gun in circulation was once legal.

The higher the levels of crime, the greater is the compulsion to buy guns, and the greater is the pool from which criminals then get their weapons.

This cycle would be broken if guns were removed from civilians, and the police and army carried weapons only when carrying out their duty.

The security forces must then embark upon a campaign to clean up the illegal guns in communities.

Many serious crimes, such as hijacking, cash-in-transit heists and armed robberies, are almost impossible without guns.

It is easier and quicker to kill people or the police with guns than with any other weapon. We are losing too many lives to criminals and their guns.

Somdaka Sibongile


Cape Town
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