2008-03-05 : South African laws must bite: Zuma

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2008-03-05 : South African laws must bite: Zuma

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2008-04-14 07:37

South African laws must bite: Zuma
Sapa Published:Mar 05, 2008


Why do we talk and defend the rights of a criminal and not of
the victim... our laws must bite

There is too much focus on the rights of criminals in South
Africa, ANC president Jacob Zuma said last night.

"Why do we talk and defend the rights of a criminal and not of
the victim... our laws must bite," he said, responding to
questions about how he would tackle crime in South Africa at a
forum on South Africa´s future hosted by Chief Rabbi Warren
Goldstein in Johannesburg.

He said much was done to ensure the rights of a criminal after
they were arrested, possibly for violating another citizen´s
right to live.

Zuma described crime in South Africa as a "crisis" and said more
could be done to eradicate its scourge.

"I believe that one of the challenges facing the country and all
of us is the question of crime... we could do more, in my view,"
said the man who could become the country´s next president.

He spoke out strongly on the issue during a question and answer
session at the forum, elaborating on what he thought should be
done to address it.

Zuma said "even our language was too soft on crime", saying
people spoke more about democracy than concepts such as "law and

He called for more "radical laws" to deal with crime in a
country which did not subscribe to the death penalty.

The ruling party president believed the police were not visible
enough, saying police were nowhere in sight for citizens who
wished to report incidents on the streets. Many people did not
even know where their local police station was.

He said police were not visible to match the challenge crime

Police should also be "incentivised" and paid better salaries in
order to perform better in the fight against crime, Zuma said.
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