2008-03-01 : Make us feel safe again

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2008-03-01 : Make us feel safe again

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2008-04-14 07:18

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Make us feel safe again
Published:Mar 01, 2008

Banning toy guns or other so-called non-lethal weapons will not liberate
South Africa from the terror of gun-wielding thugs. (Even wider ban on
weapons, February 24).

Real weapons are still available and in the hands of former soldiers,
freedom fighters and the public.

After 1994, the demobilisation and disarmament happened to a certain extent.

No records were ever used to check the number and type of arms each
organisation had.

There are still tons of ammunition in the hands of ex- policemen,
freedom fighters and ex-soldiers.

The song, Umshini Wam, affirms the love of relying on the gun to
liberate oneself.

The real gun is used by thugs to liberate themselves from the police.
They use the gun to enslave their victims psychologically and otherwise.

The lethal weapons must be banned and demilitarisation should happen soon.

The sale of guns must stop.

All former liberation forces and soldiers must come clean.

The Constitution is flawed as there is no law which controls the
carrying and use of guns.

Do our leaders really care?

Something needs to be done to make people feel safe again in our
country. — Matome Herman Seanego, Senwabarwana
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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