2008-02-24 : Letter : Not Always Easy To Report Corruption

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2008-02-24 : Letter : Not Always Easy To Report Corruption

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2008-04-14 07:01

Not Always Easy To Report Corruption

I admire the woman who trapped the two metro police officers by noting the serial number of the bank note she had used to bribe them "Cops fired for bribery incident" (The Mercury, February 18).

She has more guts than I have.

Late at night near Monte Casino, Johannesburg, and needing directions, I stopped where there was a large group of metro officers for advice.

I was told my potential fines amounted to R2 000 for a one-month overdue licence and for not wearing my safety belt. What was it worth to me?

The name tag was missing from the bulletproof vest on the giant I spoke to. I considered my options.

Draw my pistol and make a citizen's arrest?

How many seconds would I have had to live?

The American tourist with me would have had a sad tale to tell her family back home about South African lawmen.

Lay a charge? Doing that would give this corrupt man who could get fired, all my personal details.

What would ensure that he did not pay me a visit and stage an armed hijacking to avenge the harm I did to him?

Perhaps I would have had a bit longer to live.

I pray that your brave Durban lady will not suffer any consequences.

I also hope that if anything does happen to her, the corrupt cops will be at the top of the suspect list of a competent, honest detective.

Reporting all acts of corruption is a fine and patriotic thing.

I just wish that the police spokesmen who advise it are shrewd enough to warn the victim that there could be dire consequences for which the South African Police Service will vehemently deny any responsibility, right up to Constitutional Court if need be.

Adrian Louw

What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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