Irresponsible hunters will be dealt with: Van Schalkwyk

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Irresponsible hunters will be dealt with: Van Schalkwyk

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Irresponsible hunters will be dealt with: Van Schalkwyk ... 53217,1,22

JOHANNESBURG - Game farming and hunting contribute significantly to SA's
economy -- however if any hunter behaved irresponsibly, then he would be
dealt with, said Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Marthinus Van
Schalkwyk on Tuesday.

Speaking at the annual general meeting of the Professional Hunters
Association of South Africa, he said a key issue was sustainable

"We are equally determined to ensure that our laws and international
commitments are respected and upheld, and will not hesitate to act swiftly
and harshly against unethical or irresponsible hunters who overstep or
ignore our regulations."

Van Schalkwyk said that the professional hunting sector had an "important
partnership role to play in our approach both to conservation and tourism".
"I am fully committed to strengthening and improving the relationship
between our department and this sector...Game farming and hunting
contributes significantly to conservation, tourism development, job creation
and sustainable development in rural areas," he said.

Van Schalkwyk reiterated that the sector was an important foreign currency
earner and its contribution to the gross national product was substantial.
"I am very optimistic about the future of this industry and the great
potential to further nurture and promote its economic and conservation

He said that the department and the industry had over the years, engaged in
a number of issues.

"Regular and structured dialogue between our department and this sector was
a very important issue that was raised at our previous meeting. The Wildlife
Forum has been successfully established to provide for such a dialogue and
it is clear that these interactions are bearing fruit," he said.

Some of these issues were the inconsistent provincial conservation
legislation that provided inadequate protection for wildlife -- the need was
identified to develop a national regulatory framework.

This culminated in the regulations pertaining to Threatened or Protected

These regulations aimed to address the canned hunting issue, as it
explicitly prohibited the hunting of listed large predators under certain

The regulations also aimed to address illegal hunting and unethical hunting
methods and devices and provide formal recognition by the department to
hunting organisations.

"I am aware of the capacity challenges faced by some of the provinces with
regard to permitting and licensing.

"We will make it easier for you to operate as an industry and will ensure
that the same rules and standards will apply to everyone equally ... This
will root out those rogue elements that give the whole industry a bad name,"
Van Schalkwyk said. - Sapa.

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