2007-10-24 : Minister slams armed thugs and rogue cops

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2007-10-24 : Minister slams armed thugs and rogue cops

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Minister slams armed thugs and rogue cops


http://www.dispatch.co.za/2007/10/24/Ea ... e/cop.html

CRIMINALS be warned - if you reach for your pockets during a crime "then the police officer must shoot".

The advice came yesterday from Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula.

The minister, speaking at the official opening of the new Eastern Cape police provincial office in Zwelitsha, near King William's Town, told police "not to be afraid to shoot" when "reasonably believing that their lives were at risk".

"Do not be afraid to shoot," he declared. "If a police (officer) reasonably believes that his life is in danger, then he must shoot."

He said if a police officer caught a person in the act of committing a crime and that person "reached for their pockets, then the police officer must shoot".

"By the time the police discovered what was being taken out of the pocket, he might be dead."

Nqakula paid tribute to one of East London's top cops who was mysteriously killed after an apparent robbery last week. Detective Luyanda Mayekiso was described by Nqakula as "one of the good police officers who had his life taken by criminals".

The minister hit out at a rogue element in the force, however. "We have a responsibility to protect and serve the community and, if we have members who do not abide by that, then they should find other means of work," he said.

Some police, he said, had been killed with the same guns their colleagues had given to criminals. Those officers needed to be "taken out of the police force".

Nqakula said the people had a right to report members who behaved in a manner that degraded the police service as they reflected on the entire police service.

"If we have police who are incompetent on the ground, that means the entire provincial office is incompetent, therefore the minister is also incompetent and the entire police service is incompetent," he said. "Incompetency would not be tolerated."

During the ceremony, he presented long service awards to several police officers, including EL Fleet Street police station Commissioner Sandile Hloba for 30 years' service.
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