Financial Mail : Shooting game an exploding industry

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Financial Mail : Shooting game an exploding industry

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Shooting game an exploding industry
Financial Mail (South Africa)
Hunting Industry; 16
August 10, 2007

Shooting game an exploding industry More than R3bn is spent by hunters in SA every year The hunting industry in SA supports almost 100000 jobs and is the single biggest contributor of income to the wildlife industry. This comes as no surprise when you consider that studies show that 200000 recreational hunters hunt about 1m animals each year.

The most popular animals sought by these hunters are springbok (29%), impala (19%), blesbok (13%), kudu (8%) and warthog (8%). This does not mean that larger game are not hunted; crocodile and lion among others also fall prey to trophy hunters.

A study at Northwest University's Institute for Tourism & Leisure Studies reveals that recreational hunters spend an average of R11622/year hunting animals, and a further R4130 on secondary expenditure. It is clear that recreational hunting is proving to be a great tourism attraction. A report released last year by the National Agricultural Marketing Council investigating opportunities and problems in the industry notes: Wildlife ranching has been the fastest growing agricultural activity in SA in the past three decades. Read the full story on page 64 of the FM.
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