2007-03-08 : Pupils dive for cover in drive-by shooting

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2007-03-08 : Pupils dive for cover in drive-by shooting

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Pupils dive for cover in drive-by shooting

March 08 2007 at 11:52AM

By Miranda Andrew

A gang war is looming in Chatsworth after a brazen drive-by shooting
near a school in which suspected gangsters sprayed a car with
automatic rifle fire, killing one man and critically wounding another.

The shooting has renewed community fears of retaliatory violence in
what have been described as "revenge killings" involving the Dre Boy
Gang and Goni's Gang.

Panicked schoolchildren dived for cover behind trees and cars as a
vehicle packed with gun-toting gangsters opened fire on Isipingo Beach
friends Pragasan Moodley, 30, and his passenger, Bradley David.

'Numerous gunshot and shrapnel wounds'

Moodley, a legal firearm dealer, died at the scene in his BMW, while
David was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Both men had
numerous gunshot and shrapnel wounds.

"It was terrifying. There were so many gunshots and everybody just
ducked for cover. Many of us dropped to the ground and covered our
heads," said a witness, who did not want to be identified.

"Chatsworth has become a war zone. We are tired of all this gangster
violence. It's always either drug dealers, taxi operators or firearm
dealers that are involved in these types of shootings. And we are fed
up with it. Something has to be done," she said.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Muzi Mngomezulu said the victims'
BMW was moving slowly when the shooting started.

"The unidentified white vehicle from which the shots were fired was
travelling in the opposite direction. The car came to a standstill
after the shooting when the handbrake was pulled up by the passenger,"
he said.

Police said the modus operandi of the attack was similar to three
other drive-by shootings reported in the area.

When the Daily News visited the crime scene on Wednesday, dozens of
bullet holes had been marked by police. Sixteen shots were counted in
the garden of a nearby house, while two went through the windows and
into the home.

At the police station, police investigating the attack identified a
further 18 bullet holes on the BMW. They said they had not ruled out
the possibility that this case could have been gang-related.

"In all three earlier cases, R5 rifles were used and all three people
involved were dealers in drugs, firearms and ammunition," said a
police source.

A gang member, who did not want to be identified, said the turf war
between the Dre Boy Gang and Goni's Gang had started a few years ago.

"A few years ago, the nephew of gang leader Goni Soobramoney Naidoo
(who has since died) was killed by a rival gang member during an
argument. Naidoo's nephew had been with a friend who was also injured
during the attack," he said.

"Since that killing the gangs have been killing each other and
fighting over drug territories," he said.

o This article was originally published on page 2 of Daily News on March 08, 2007
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