Parliamentary Portfolio Committee - False Allegations

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Parliamentary Portfolio Committee - False Allegations

Postby Martin_tu » Fri, 2006-09-01 19:01

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31 August 2006


In its press statement of 14 August 2006 Gun Owners of South Africa (GOSA) exposed the false allegations presented by so-called ‘crime experts’ to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee for Safety and Security that the decrease in murder with firearms since 2001 can be ascribed to the success of the Firearms Control Act 2000 (Act 60 of 2000).

GOSA pointed out that the murder rate had already shown a substantial decrease since 1994 until 2004 whilst the Firearms Control Act, which only targets legal firearm owners, was only implemented on 1 July 2004. Legal firearm owners are only involved in 0.05% of crime, which is statistically insignificant. GOSA pointed out that the decrease in the murder rate is the result of the fact that more than 1 million firearm licences have been issued to black people which is 100% in accordance with the findings of various international researchers i.e. that an increase in private firearm ownership is concomitant with a decrease in crime and vice versa. This is a scientific law, which has been observed worldwide over a period of more than 150 years and found to be a proven constant without any exceptions.

Notwithstanding these historically proven facts and the fact that the African National Congress already stated to the Goldstone Commission in 1993 that “the ultimate goal is the total disarmament of the South African public” to be achieved by means of “a system of incremental restrictions which must ultimately lead to the prohibition of all firearms in private hands”. This is embodied in the Firearms Control Act that was surreptitiously drafted by the ANC after coming to power in 1994 in collaboration with the foreign funded victim disarmament group Gun Free South Africa. Adéle Kirsten of GFSA and Director Jaco Bothma of the Central Firearms Register continue to state that the Firearms Control Act works – to curb crime – and that civilian disarmament is not the purpose of this dictatorial Act.

In order to expedite the disarmament of the public and to destroy our firearm culture, as part of our cultural historical heritage, the ANC even took additional steps to enforce the Firearms Control Act:

· Target shooting with .22 rifles in schools, which is a tradition practiced since before the second World War without a single accident ever reported, has been destroyed when the ANC sent the SANDF to rob them of their proud possessions – may the vision of the teacher who had to watch this crime with tears in her eyes torment the perpetrators for ever.

· The commando system had been abolished well knowing that the SAPS and SANDF are unable to effectively protect the farmers amidst the ongoing wave of farm murders.

· Arrangements by farmers to train their people in self-defence have, according to media reports, been declared illegal, as it did not comply with the provisions of the Firearms Control Act.

· The latest Gestapo-technique involves misusing the South African Bureau of Standards to harass the few remaining firearm dealers who have not yet been routed out by the Firearms Control Act with the excuse that all firearms must carry the SABS mark, while Mr Danie van den Bergh, Senior Inspector of the SABS, should know that according to the European Cooperation for Accreditation Multilateral Agreement, member countries, which includes South Africa, accepts one another’s standards for firearms and that reproofing and placing the SABS mark on firearms originating from member countries, which probably includes all countries from which firearms are imported, is unnecessary.

· Now dealers are threatened that they would be prosecuted and may lose their licences should they sell any firearms without the SABS mark. Yet another transparent effort of the ANC to expedite the disarmament of the public.

If the Firearms Control Act “works” according to Bothma, what successes has it achieved so far?

· It has been stated that the murder rate has declined since 1994 as the result of an increase in the issuing of firearm licences to black people. During the past two years virtually no firearm licences have been issued while the disarmament process was expedited. This message also reached the world of crime and according to Massmart’s forensic-quality statistics, crime exploded since August 2005 with a 20% increase in armed robbery, cash-in-transit heists, assault, vehicle hi-jacking and attacks at people’s homes. Here we thus have a decrease in private firearms with a concomitant increase in crime.

· On 20 August 2006 it was reported in the media that the elderly are increasingly becoming victims of crime. GOSA seriously warned that this would happen. Elderly people who do not have the money or energy to comply with the expensive and onerous provisions of the Firearms Control Act had no choice but to surrender their firearms and thereby exposing themselves to criminals as soft targets.

· Previously, firearm licences took two to three weeks to issue. Now it takes more than two years.

· 640 of the 720 firearm dealers were forced out of business with a concomitant increase in unemployment and hardship for their families – the destruction of so many small businesses should send a clear message to foreign investors in respect of the safety of their investments.

· Legalised theft of property – the public is forced to get rid of their property against their will without receiving a cent compensation.

· The hunting industry was reduced from a R3.5 billion per year industry to R1 billion per year.

· Our cultural historical heritage is being destroyed by the ruthless destruction of irreplaceable firearms and unfair requirements of collectors.

· The implementation of the Firearms Control Act will cost more than R2 billion of taxpayer’s money – a textbook example of what the Public Finance Management Act refer to as “fruitless and wasteful expenditure”.

· The Firearms Control Act rapes the Constitution and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act.

· The Firearms Control Act constitutes a serious onslaught on the freedom and rights of the public such as freedom of association, the right to own private property, the right to privacy, the right to self-defence, the presumption of innocence and hereditary rights.

The Firearms Control Act reminds us of something from Nazi Germany, and the behaviour of the government, SAPS and now also the SABS, of Gestapo thugs in jackboots.

The Act is totally flawed and inappropriate in a modern democracy and GOSA remains convinced that it must be scrapped, and fair, practical and executable legislation drafted in cooperation with the organisations, which represent the interests of firearm owners.
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