Amendments to Act : 2006-02-27

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Amendments to Act : 2006-02-27

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2006-02-27 13:48

In June 2004 possibly the world's most gullible jurist, Judge Ben Du Plessis, who had twice unsuccessfully made a bid for a seat on the Constitutional Court, accepted the assurances of the Central Firearms Register that it was good to go with the implementation of the Firearms Control Act and gave the Act his rubber stamp. "I think the Act means what it means and people must live with it. I am not persuaded that the implementation of the Act is irrational."

Legal gun owners and their organisations, that warned during the drafting process of the chaos that would ensue, have finally been proven right on the button.

With the latest published amendments now Gazetted, government is perhaps finally realising the uselessness of this legislation.

In a landmark display of arrogance and disregard for the constitution, the SAPS still now threatens legal gunowners with imprisonment and arbitrary confiscation of their guns if they don't comply.

Given the chaos and lack of resources within the safety and security department, corrupt, under-trained and incompetent staff, registration and implementation has simply never taken off.

Now, more than four hundred legal gun-dealers are out of business, placing thousands on the street without income.

A Multi-Million Rand Hunting/ Wildlife/Eco and Environmental tourist industry is under dire threat of almost total collapse, incompetent customs officials harassing rich visitors with a plethora of incomprehensible paperwork taking up to four hours to complete, (even if it is on hand).

But still the Minister shows no concern for the massive 'Fiscal Drag' of this incredibly stupid Law by admitting that no Economic Impact study was done whatsoever, some studies indicating that this loss could be over R24 Billion per annum.

Will the Minister ever see the light? Is he finally moving in the direction of scrapping this monstrous white elephant?

Crime in South Africa needs a vast improvement from the police but SA's crime-wave is unlikely to be handled by a predominantly corrupt, lazy, understaffed, ill-equipped and pitiful force of primarily 'Keystone cops'.

Minister for Safety and Security, Charles Nqakula, must admit that "legal gunowners don't do crime". Two million legal and law-abiding gunowners sure do prevent a lot of it though.

"A gun in the hand is worth ten cops on the phone".
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