2006-08-14 : Misrepresentation of statistics (Lamb)

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2006-08-14 : Misrepresentation of statistics (Lamb)

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2006-08-14 09:36


The statement during the first public hearing of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Safety and Security that murder committed with firearms decreased with 50% since 2001 in the country’s three largest cities and that it can be ascribed to the success of the Firearms Control Act 2000 (Act 60 of 2000), is as contestable as the statement that one of the 24 suspects arrested in connection with the alleged conspiracy to blow up airplanes is a former Christian.

This UNISA study which was presented by Mr Guy Lamb, Researcher from the Institute of Security Studies, is once again abused by means of misrepresentation of statistics and denial of historically proven facts to blame the legal firearm owner for the government’s inability to eradicate crime and to simultaneously justify the disarmament of the public which is the common denominator of all oppressive regimes. In effect it is nothing but blatant dishonesty.

What the study conceal, for example, is that the Firearms Control Act is exclusively aimed at the legal firearm owner. Even firearm collectors, probably the most responsible of all firearm owners, and owners of muzzle loaders, are severely targeted by the latest proposed amendments. This while it has been officially stated in Parliament that legal firearm owners are only involved in 0.05% of crime which is statistically insignificant and hunting and target rifles and handguns, antique centre fire rifles and muzzle loaders are not used in crime.

It is strange that Mr Lamb failed to reveal the fact that the murder rate per 100 000 already showed a massive and constant decline since 1994 from 69.5 in that year to 47.8 in 2002 according to figures released by the Institute of Security Studies. The decline to which Lamb refers is only a continuation of this trend, because the Firearms Control Act was only implemented on 1 July 2004. The reason for the decline is not, like the so-called “crime experts” would like us believe, ascribable to the Firearms Control Act, but to the fact that more than a million firearm licences have been issued to black people since 1994 who now for the first time were allowed to exercise the right of private firearm ownership. To believe that the disarmament of law-abiding citizens by means of the Firearms Control Act led to the decline in the murder rate is similar to believing in the tooth fairy.

World wide empirical evidence of more than 150 years has undisputedly proved that gun control is a total failure to control crime. It creates a community where only the government, which is then free to abuse its power as was the case in Apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany, and criminals own firearms. It denies the public the most effective means of protect themselves and their property, especially in South Africa where there are 50 000 rapes per year, farm murders continues unabatedly, a quarter of a million citizens were murdered during their first decade of ANC rule, the police is undermanned and underpaid with serious corruption being time and again exposed and the criminal has more rights than the law abiding citizen.

The only “successes” which can thus far be ascribed to the Firearms Control Act are the bankruptcy of more than 500 firearm dealers, an increase in unemployment, incalculable damage to the hunting industry, legalised theft of the public’s property, denial and partial destruction of our cultural historical heritage, turning especially the elderly and women into soft targets for criminals, the creation of safe working environments for criminals in firearm free zones and raping the Constitution and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act.

The Firearms Control Act was unilaterally and surreptitiously drafted by the government with inputs from the foreign funded anti-gun lobby, Gun Free South Africa. It constitutes a serious onslaught on the freedom and Constitutional and Common Law rights of the public. The discrepancies between the two sets of proposed amendments which appeared in short succession are so radical that serious doubt whether the Minister applied his mind exists. GOSA appeal to the public to do everything within their power to retain their firearms and not to be discouraged by the unnecessary cost and trouble imposed on them by this Gestapo type legislation. GOSA also appeal to the public not to be mislead by deliberate lies and propaganda that the purpose of the Firearms Control Act is to create a safer South Africa while it is clear that the goal is to create a disarmed and defenceless public.

GOSA insist that the Firearms Control Act is scrapped like the Canadian legislation on which it is based and that practical and fair legislation is drafted in collaboration with the organisations which represent the interests of the firearm owner.

Charl van Wyk
National Coordinator
Gun Owners of South Africa
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