2006-06-30 : UN sponsored genocide

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2006-06-30 : UN sponsored genocide

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2006-06-30 14:15


In recent weeks there has been much misinformation published about the UN headed control arms campaign of IANSA (Rebecca Peters and George Sorros), Oxfam and GFSA (major donor George Sorros) that needs much to balance the total misconceptions portrayed by well oiled propaganda organisations.

It is hoped that you will see the other side of the coin and give some thought to publishing information that contradicts the feel good aspects of what can only lead to further and greater genocide.

UN sponsored genocide.

While the intent of saving people from the scourge of war maybe admirable the methodology of the UN and allied organisations of anti-gun organisations like IANSA, Oxfam, ISS and GFSA leaves much to be desired. Most thinking people would see such a campaign as one of bringing peace via some democratic process that ensured good governance. Not so that of the UN and allies who would support Hitler in the murder of many millions of Jews, Rwanda in the murder of 800,000 Tutsi and in total some 150 million subjects by their own governments.

The UN is not striving to enforce good governance or even disarmament or non supply of arms to rabid despotic rulers. Instead the victims of these murderous despots are the UNs targets to be disarmed. The UN organisation is run by these self-same despots and the recent New York meeting is headed by the Sudan the only remaining country that still has slavery and a human rights record of horrific abuse. Most of the member organisations are no better.

The ANC of South Africa strongly supports the efforts of this club of despots who not surprisingly are demanding the disarmament of anyone who would oppose their rule and record of corruption, self-enrichment, human rights abuse and murderous governance.

Would the ANC be in power today if the UN had blocked all shipments of arms? What about the massacre of civilians in Bosnia? Would the Jews of Nazi Germany have been better off if they had not been disarmed. Would the Tutsi of Rwanda and Sierra Leone have been hacked to death with machetes if they were armed? Would the Ndebele of Zimbabwe have been burned alive in their huts and shot on sight if they had arms? Would Europeans have preferred that no resistance was put up against Hitler? Should the French or Norwegian resistance movements simply have given up and been shot?

Political scientist Rudy Rummel estimates that the 15 worst regimes during the 20th century killed 151 million of their own citizens. Even assuming that the 300,000-gun-deaths-per-year-in-armed-conflicts figure is accurate, the annual rate of government-sanctioned killing is five times higher.

Do we see the UN protesting the human rights abuse of members? Not at all, we see the UN being controlled by the inmates of the lunatic asylum cheered on by the bloodied hands of gun control.

Even in free countries, where there is little risk of a totalitarian regime, gun bans all but invariably result in higher crime. In the U.S., the states with the highest gun-ownership rates have by far the lowest violent-crime rates. Similarly, over time, states with the largest increases in gun ownership have experienced the biggest drops in violent crime.

Research by Jeff Miron at Boston University, examining homicide rates across 44 countries, found that countries with the strictest gun-control laws also tended to have the highest homicide rates. News reports in Britain showed how crimes with guns have risen 40 percent in the four years after handguns were banned in 1997.

There is not much that can be said of the UN and gun control allies except they are very sick people in urgent need of help or incarceration. The South African government should distance itself immediately from these organisations of despots and genocide advocates. Organisations and governments that seek only to safely entrench their misrule and secure the riches they can steal without any chance of opposition, at any expense to the population including murder and death by starvation. Unless as it seems by the manner in which the ANC embraces the UN, the government looks north with envy and seeks to partake in the spoils of booty from rape, plunder and pillage of the wealth of South Africa.

Free, happy, employed people do not seek to resolve conflicts with guns. They don't even seek ownership of guns unless for sporting purposes. When people seek to arm themselves it is a measure of desperation brought about by bad and incompetent governance. The ANC needs to wake up and get its house in order, not seek to disarm citizens or tell them to leave if they don't like it.

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