2006-06-21 : Press Release

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2006-06-21 : Press Release

Postby Emilio » Wed, 2006-06-21 23:09


It is easy to poke holes in (and fun at) the latest wave of junk science directed gun owners' way by the gun prohibitionists. All we need do is compare gun ownership rates in the countries with the highest per capita domestic product, per capita income and most favourable Amnesty International reports with the gunownership rates in the deadbeat countries dependent on Oxfam and the international like-minded-bleeding-hearts-network it is part of. The simple fact of the matter is that countries where a large proportion of citizens have access to personal small arms are bastions of freedom and the rule of law, rather than failing states.

The most important prerequisites for failing states seem to be the presence of a large 'caring class' who facilitate failure rather than uncompromisingly demand success, and incompetent governments without any sense of shame or concept of honour who are determined that there is no political problems that they cannot promise or prevaricate their way out of.

In the first decade of ANC rule we saw a quarter of a million murders in South Africa. Only about 1 in 10 of the perpetrators of those murders were ever held to account for their crimes. Quite simply, the administration of criminal justice had collapsed because of the ANC's 'transformation' policies. The only saving grace during this period was the granting of more than a million gun licences to ordinary law-abiding South Africans. Over the same period there was a massive drop in the overall homicide rate.

RSA Murder Rate per 100 000, January to December
1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
69.5 67.5 63.9 59.6 59.0 55.3 49.6 47.5 47.8

This table from the Institute of Security Studies show the downward trend that has been discernable over the decade that a million new gun licences were granted in South Africa.

The rot that hit the administration of criminal justice so hard struck all three branches of government.

This lead to incidents, which would have caused any country with a sense of shame to turn to sackcloth and ashes. In the Cape, the judicial branch of government was dragged into disrepute by judges who could not write complex judgements and their colleagues who would resort to a scorched earth policy when their ethics were questioned.

In Gauteng, we saw the grandchild of the province's most senior judge on a 'transformed' Bench being murdered, the 'transformed' police force not being able to find the body under a bed on the crime scene and the perpetrators of the crime eventually being caught thanks to the first real investigation in months into the spate of violent home invasions in the area -- by a neighbour!

Structural, self-serving deceit is Africa's real WMD. That, and a total absence of a sense of shame.

There is another farce playing itself out on the national stage. Once again, the central themes are the collapse of administration, a lack of oversight by the legislature and a complete lack of shame in the governing elite. If Minister for Safety and Security Charles Nqakula had a sense of shame, he would have done the honourable thing months ago by accepting Ministerial Responsibility for the chaotic 'implementation' of the Firearms Control Act and resigned.

At the end of February the Minister for Safety and Security published proposed amendments to the Firearms Control Act that would have seen half the Act being deleted. The outstanding features of those amendments were the concessions to the gun industry. The guts would be torn out of the Act to make it easier for the few remaining dealers to do business.

The Minister was not playing Father Christmas out of a sense of charity. It is common cause that implementation of the Act has been a spectacular failure and that there is a massive campaign of civil disobedience underway which saw 600 000 gunowners refusing to re-licence their property in 2005.

The first step in amending the Firearms Control Act is obvious. Audit the implementation of the Act to establish how great the damage has been and how much can be salvaged. Proof to this effect is on the table is that the administrative process per gun owner can be a high as R20000 inclusive and take as long a 2 years and still not be acted upon or finalised.

The Minister, however, reacted like a petulant child to the lukewarm reception his proposed amendments received. While the Canadian Government was announcing that it is abolishing their Firearms Registration Act, (the blueprint for the FCA) and focusing on crime fighting, SA's Cabinet announced that it had approved Amendments to the Firearms Control Act and that the Amendment Bill was being sent to Parliament. Instead of doing his job, the Minister makes derogatory remarks about “wingers” that should rather leave the country and appears to be more sympathetic towards criminal rights, their activities and reckless impunity. His portfolio should be to eliminate, curb and prevent crime and not support it with his chameleon stance.

The Amendment Bill is nothing but an elaborate scam designed to try and redirect attention from the gross managerial failings of Minister Nqakula. With the exception of four or five sections all the current Firearm Control Amendment Bill is concerned with is the re-regulation of muzzleloading antique arms.

Not one case of abuse of a muzzleloader has been reported, according to Designated Firearms Officers questioned by GOSA.

For the ANC, there is no such thing as an 'objective reality'. The original circumstances necessitating amendment of the gun laws are still waiting in the wings. Total disarming equals total people control and in cases leads to genocide. Angry gunowners are not going to be distracted from the issues by media farces. The collapse in implementation of the FCA has nothing to do with 150year old guns or their clones. Direct law efforts towards crime control and not people control.

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