2010-07-20 : Minister of Police being economical with truth

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2010-07-20 : Minister of Police being economical with truth

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2010-07-20 14:15

The Minister of Police is being economical with the truth.

He claims to have an open door policy and claims to have invited honest consultation from the firearm fraternity. BGOASA is the third firearms organisation in less than 2 years to challenge the Minister and the FCA 60 of 2000 in the Courts. The basis of such challenges is always constitutional grounds.

Congratulations to BGOASA and those willing to defend the rights of those marginalised by government using draconian, immoral laws.

It appears that the Minister is in an uncomfortable position. He has initiated a process whereby the firearms fraternity, for the umpteenth time, must make submissions as to how the law can be improved. This is a waste of time and resources; moreover it is underhanded, seeing that the period to submit was limited to 10 working days during the world cup period.

This Act is indicative of the pursuit of an ideology whose effects can best be described as worse than the 1952 pass laws.

The law in its intent, implementation, administration and objectives is fundamentally flawed and immoral.

The first law of nature is self preservation. The right to life is clearly defined in the constitution. The most effective means to ensure such self preservation is a firearm. This is the only moral justification necessary. The concern though is that that right appears to be reserved for criminals.

Denying someone a firearm for legal use is defying the constitution and all natural law.

The minister needs to make up his mind. Is he implementing the FCA to remove illegal firearms or is the intent to disarm the public, as has been stated in public so many times in the past?

What government has failed to initiate, correct and implement in 10 years can not be fixed in 10 days or by an internal investigation.

GOSA again appeals to the Minister to review his situation and stance regarding this law. Do not try to patch that which was a failure from the outset. If the minister wants to make a concerted effort to correct this law and also to win back public confidence, he will order an independent forensic audit to determine what is wrong with the FCA, the CFR and the appeal board.

One can not constantly address symptoms if you do not know what the root cause of the cancer is.

Thomas F. Eastes
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