2010-02-02 : Targets of Gun Control

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2010-02-02 : Targets of Gun Control

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2010-02-02 22:45

Gun Owners of South Africa (GOSA) Press Release: 2010-02-02

Over 65? Own a registered firearm? Never committed a crime in your life? Worked the whole of your life - paying every second Rand you earned in tax, to ensure a better life for all?

Then you are exactly whom Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa is targeting with his gun amnesty!

Just as you were the target of an official intimidation campaign by the Minister's Department, of threats of 15 years imprisonment, if you did not hand that registered firearm in when the license renewal process was implemented.

The SAPS made sure you knew you had a snowball's chance of renewing that license, did they not?

Gun Owners of South Africa say our elderly have a right not to be ambushed in their sleep in their beds on their very last day on earth.

Criminals violate our elderly with no moral compass. In their homes. Violated twice. First by SAPS goons who take their guns and then lie about the fact that they are entitled to compensation.

This amnesty is aimed at the elderly. The elderly were duped out of the compensation the Firearms Control Act provides for in the first amnesty. Swindled. Defrauded. They were the objects of the relicensing scam.

They were the victims of the Central Firearms Register's intimidation campaign in the media.

The Firearms Control Act has no anti-crime benefit. It actually increases crime by diverting scarce police manpower into policing
honest citizens. It is an unimplementable ‘Billion Rand Black Hole’. Money poured into it just disappears.

That is the goal of this amnesty. To redirect your attention. From the scandalous relicensing regime with its 5-year backlogs, with a second round of renewals that should have started already, and the wasted Billions.

Why has implementation of the Firearms Control Act never been subjected to a forensic audit, Auditor General Terrence Nombembe?

The Firearm Control Act is making South Africa less safe.

The firearm amnesty should be seen for what it is - a diversion of attention from the SAPS's inability to do its duty under the Constitution - to suppress crime.

The Minister claims the previous amnesty was a success. In what respect? Not in terms of criminal firearms handed in!

Honest citizens terrorised by SAPS propaganda handed in their firearms. The rest were technically illegal - left over from deceased estates and not licensed, or licensed under now invalid magistrates permits.

These are the "illegal" firearms the Minister triumphantly declares have been successfully removed from society.

He omits to mention that none were handed over by criminals. They
were all in the hands of honest taxpaying citizens. Where are the
results of the ballistic tests that were to be done on all those

Their removal and destruction have not made us one bit safer.

Brett Nortje
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Gun Owners of South Africa
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