2009-10-12 : Legally owned firearms

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2009-10-12 : Legally owned firearms

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2009-10-12 16:50

GOSA Media Statement: Legally owned firearms

President Zuma's claim that that legally owned firearms are responsible for our high crime rate is a deliberate falsehood to obscure the inability of his party to control crime.

The facts are otherwise. Most democracies have a higher rate of firearm ownership than South Africa, and all have much less crime. Those with the most firearms have the least crime.

It is also a matter of public record that South Africa's legal private firearm owners commit virtually no crime, so further limiting their rights cannot possibly reduce the crime rate.

It is impossible to prevent criminals from obtaining all the guns they want. Countries that have legislated legal ownership almost to extinction have not even dented criminal possession and use. That is because firearm legislation controls only those who do not commit crime, and costs huge amounts of taxpayers' money to no useful purpose.

President Zuma would have us believe that criminals are so dangerous that the police must be allowed to use more lethal force against them, but not so dangerous that citizens need an effective means of defense against them. Presumably we are to believe that increasing the powers of police will protect us. If President Zuma believes that he can set the example by dispensing with his own armed guards.

There is a bigger picture. If President Zuma prefers rhetoric to fact, what does that say about the likelihood of competent governance by his administration? We have the answer, with rampant crime and the collapse of health, education and other services, but no shortage of money for ruinous arms deals, million rand cars and quarter million rand hotel bills.

But J Zuma would rather deflect attention from those problems. Fixing them is too much like hard work.

Richard Boothroyd

Gun Owners of South Africa
PO Box 2522
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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