2009-06-25: Press Release: SA Hunters judgement

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2009-06-25: Press Release: SA Hunters judgement

Postby GOSA » Thu, 2009-06-25 10:22

"Is it still possible for justice to emerge from the chaos in the South
African legal system?"

Gunowners SA are waiting with bated breath to see whether Judge Bill
Prinsloo will deliver judgement tomorrow which confirms that which we
already know (and have seen demonstrated many times over the last few years)
to be the case. His judgement in the SA Hunters and Game Conservation
Association (SA Hunters) v Minister of Police case heard before him this
week in the North Gauteng High Court may be a pivotal case for South African
democracy. If His Honour finds for the plaintiffs (SA Hunters), he will be
shining a bright light on the lies and deceit that the South African Police
Service, and their Central Firearms registry, have attempted to use to
defraud the law-abiding South African gun owners of their lawful (and
valuable) possessions... Also their most potent means of self defence in
these criminally-plagued times.

In the convoluted meanderings of the legal system justice is very often the
sacrificial offering burnt on the altar of political expedience. In this
case the implementation of the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000) is
challenged because of the disgracefully inept fashion in which the Central
Firearms Registry of the SAPS has gone about their duty. The FCA is
purported to be concerned with the 'fight against crime', is in reality
entirely focussed on already licensed firearms with which, according to the
SAPS themselves, no statistically relevant crime is ever committed - in
other words, statisticians consider the occurrence of crime with licensed
firearms so low that they don't measure it. The FCA itself is subject to a
number of Constitutional challenges on various grounds.

SA Hunters is merely seeking to prevent the imminent criminalisation of more
than a million law-abiding South African citizens by this unneeded,
unwanted, and unimplementable legislation. These million or more citizens
are already licensed to own their firearms and have committed no crime at
all. At the stroke of midnight on 30 June 2009 they will turn into
criminals, subject to jail sentences of 15 years if convicted in a court.

It is up to Judge Bill Prinsloo to put a stop to this nightmarish fairy-tale
of the damned.

Paul Oxley
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