2008-10-30 : Press Release : War against crime hopeless

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2008-10-30 : Press Release : War against crime hopeless

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2009-02-16 14:11

2008-10-30 : Press Release : War against crime hopeless

Every day that passes seems to bring forth more radical and insane ideas on how to reduce crime in SA. On behalf of all legal firearm owners, Gun Owners South Africa (GOSA) wishes to express its discontent and bring to government's attention that its current policy of following a failed gun control ideology is costing SA many human lives daily. Let us not forget the untold misery, degradation, trauma and disregard for decency suffered by law abiding citizens.

Every year in the USA the number of new guns increases by about 4.5 million where it now stands at more than 250 million in private ownership.

The Brady Act's handgun waiting period expired in 1998. The federal "assault weapon" ban expired in 2004. Since 1987, 30 states have eliminated propitiatory or restrictive carry laws in favour of right-to-carry laws; there are now 40 RTC states. 47 States prohibit local jurisdictions from imposing more restrictive gun laws than state laws. 44 States protect the right to arms in their constitutions. The US Congress and 33 states now prohibit frivolous lawsuits against firearm manufactures.

The US violent crime rate since 1991 is down by a staggering 38%. Murder down by 43%, rape 29%, robbery 46%, aggravated assault 35%. Violent crime has dropped every year since 1991 to a 30-year low.

Yet the SAPS and ANC government are at a loss to stem the tide of ever increasing violent crime in South Africa. Instead of removing gun laws they have added the most draconian laws one could imagine with the sole intent of disarming the law-abiding public. England foolishly followed this same path to criminal utopia by banning handguns in 1997. Since 1997 violent crime overall in England has risen by more than 100% and in some crime categories to over 400%. Canada has scrapped the model upon which the Firearms Control Act is based as a dismal failure and ineffective waste of time and money.

Now security companies with little training are being drafted into doing police work. It is obvious that both government and the SAPS refuse to acknowledge that their failed anti-gun policy has fuelled crime by making the criminal workplace so much safer. Citizen´s lives are being deliberately endangered.

At what point and how many more victims' lives must be lost before government and the SAPS follow the USA example of reducing crime drastically by allowing citizens to defend themselves and secure their property? In SA the administrative process to legally obtain a firearm is an outright disaster and it can take up to 3 years for a licence application to be approved or denied. By then you may well be dead. More often than not licence applications are refused on arbitrary, unlawful unconstitutional grounds.

In today's depressed economy the best news is that it will in fact save the money government would have spent on very costly and failing gun control methodology. Control that has not reduced of resolved crime or removed a single gun from criminals as government promised but added to the gratuitous violent and out of control nature of crime. The heartlessness of criminals who commit crime needs to be tempered by increasing the risks a criminal must take and add to the price of crime to make it unattractive and unprofitable. SA citizens are sick of being marginalized victims of crime and a corrupt and failing legal system that favours criminals above the law abiding.

Government has to pay more than lip service to transparency and publish the original blueprint that drove the draconian and unconstitutional Firearm Control Act. Secondly, make known the exorbitant expenditure to date as well as the remaining outlay. Thirdly adhere to the just administrative process guaranteed in the Constitution. Finally, institute an independent forensic audit to determine the operational effectiveness, value and cost to tax payers of this stillborn baby. This will lead to the immediate scrapping of this poorly formulated, administrated and worthless law.

Brett Nortje
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Gun Owners of South Africa
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