2008-10-21 : Disbanding of Scorpions

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2008-10-21 : Disbanding of Scorpions

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2008-10-24 12:10

GOSA Press Release : Disbanding of Scorpions

The ANC has finally managed to implement a decision they made months ago, to disband the Scorpions. This is despite more than 100 000 signatures collected by Hugh Glenister, and more than 2 000 written objections submitted to Parliament by the DA.

This is nothing new.

In 1998, concerned gun owners took to the streets of Cape Town, delivering a wheelbarrow with 380 000 signatures to Parliament. These were ignored. A further 2 000 written objections were discarded unopened. The Firearm Control Act was steamrollered through Parliament.

The Firearm Control Act came into effect in 2002. Since then, tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens have been forced to hand in their firearms for destruction. The effect on crime has been excellent -- excellent if you are a criminal, that is.

A few months ago, Deputy Minister of Justice, Johnny de Lange, told Parliament that the fight against crime was hopelessly paralysed by mistaken policy decisions. Yes, Mr de Lange, that's what we've been trying to tell you all along.

We, the people, do actually know what should be done to keep us safe. The ministers have access to 24/7 armed security, how can they know what it's like on the streets? The law abiding citizens need their firearms to protect them against crime. Just like the country needs the Scorpions to protect us against government corruption.

Sadly, this is not to be.


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350 000 handtekeninge
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Publieke mening oor wapenwet pla ANC nie juis
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10/08/2008 09:30 - (SA)

Thomas F. Eastes
National Chairman
Gun Owners South Africa (GOSA)
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