2008-04-25 : Azapo Statement Threat to Democracy

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2008-04-25 : Azapo Statement Threat to Democracy

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2008-05-16 11:45

[SALGO] GOSA Press Release 2008-04-25 : Azapo Statement Threat to Democracy


Gun Owners South Africa (GOSA) wishes to challenge and dispel the ideological statement reportedly made by AZAPO in Khayelitsha this weekend that the government should ban the private possession and use of firearms. This is nothing but a repetition of old, outdated propaganda that has repeatedly been exposed to be false, misleading and downright dangerous.

It is now almost four years that the notorious Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000) has been implemented. As predicted by legal firearm owners it did not put one criminal behind bars, hence the continued very high crime level. It did, however, bring about a host of severely negative consequences such as the violation of Constitutional and hereditary rights and the right to privacy and property ownership, the undermining of freedom of association and freedom of choice. The bankruptcy of hundreds of firearm dealers and concomitant hardship caused by job losses and most importantly the willful and total disarmament of the law abiding citizenry, rendering especially elderly people and women defenceless against criminals is a disgrace.

The Act also cost the taxpayer in excess of R1.2 billion plus thousands of rands to pay for “training” required for the unnecessary relicencing of firearms and tied up SAPS resources in an unproductive paper war while criminals continue to rape, rob and murder unhindered. This law and its cost to date have not been audited as prescribed by the Administrative Act.

AZAPO reportedly stated that Botswana and Zimbabwe are good examples where crime is low due to the people not being allowed to own firearms. Whoever makes such statements is clearly so misinformed that he or she cannot be taken seriously. Botswana has a low crime rate because that country has the death penalty. Zimbabwe is a textbook example of what happens when a mad dictator and a gangster government, who are the only firearm owners in the country, govern unarmed citizens.

Gun control has led to the disarmament and genocide of 114.6 million citizens by their own governments in the 20th Century. It is a proven recipe for mass murder, ethnic cleansing and government power abuse. It is synonymous with dictatorial regimes like Communist China, Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany and the history thereof is written with the blood and tears of countless innocent victims. That is why gun control is the common denominator of all oppressive regimes.

What is very interesting is the deafening silence of pro-gun control organisations about the presence of the Chinese shipload of firearms and military hardware destined for the murderous Mugabe regime who clearly lost the democratic election, but refuses to give up their power after they have already taken almost everything from the people, destroyed the wildlife and physically put Zimbabwe in ruins.

Whilst the foreign funded victim disarmament group and their allies appear to have an enormous problem with South Africans wanting to exercise their right to own a firearm for self-defence in a crime ridden society, they appear to have no problem at all with military firearms being pumped into the sub-continent by an oppressive regime with the goal to arm a criminal government.

This involuntarily gives rise to the question of what the motives of organisations, pleading for civilian disarmament, really are?

P. van Wyk
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