2008-03-01 : Dangerous Weapons Act

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2008-03-01 : Dangerous Weapons Act

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2008-04-14 07:16

Crime Chaos

Many sincere yet ignored requests and demands have gone to government to address and remedy the current out of control crime, corruption and onslaught of constitutional and human rights. The citizens of SA have no recourse but to abandon trust and faith in our government and judicial system as it no longer serves the law-abiding.

Writing soppy letters as well as threats and ignoring the obvious does not save lives, create prosperity or provide a better opportunity for all, as was originally promised by those in power today.

The cold hard facts are evident every single day of our lives as broadcast via the media. GOSA have been monitoring the deteriorating state of affairs for a number of years and we feel that SA citizens are being ignored and marginalized. In this case wishing for safety and security is a non-entity. Even requests to debate and assist in resolving the crime have been rejected outright by the Minister of Safety and Security.

Our justice system is on the verge of collapse, with more work to be done than is humanly possible and with more unsolved criminal cases on the roll than can be handled in the next decade. The Police and security forces are in a state of total disarray and corruption appears from the lowest to highest levels.

We have a crime wave in this country, never seen before and the needless loss of lives as never before encountered. The last time so many lives were unnecesarry lost was during the colonial oppression at the turn of the 20th Century.

As citizens paying the salaries of those in charge, how can we have confidence in such authority if we are told to stop winging and, as an alternative, get out of the country.

Recently the WC SAPS Police Commissioner publicly stated that citizens are expected to get involved in combating crime as the SAPS is only capable to reactively pursue and resolve the current out of hand crime. How can we assist in combating crime if ideological laws favour criminals above victims and overall trust is lacking?

To put the cherry on top, those in charge of our safety and security will rather formulate, promote and enforce draconian laws that benefit criminals and punishes victims. This referring to the Firearms Control Act and the ludicrously recent DANGEROUS WEAPONS ACT (71/1968). The world over similar laws inevitably led to mass murder and genocide of a 120 million people in the last century. How serious can the citizens of SA take the protectors of this country when that house is so out of order? How serious are our "protectors" if they spend their days controlling legal firearm owners with laws that can and will never put a single criminal behind bars or take a single illegal firearm off the streets? How serious are those in power if they formulate laws to control the manufacturing of toys guns, tools of trade and then publicly announce that the SAPS will enforce such laws and make legal decisions outside their scope of work, when they are unable to train, educate or even manage their own staff which appears to be more of a threat to the public than criminals nowadays?

Those in charge need to consider their ignorance and remember that they are elected by the people to govern on behalf of the people. If not, do the honourable thing and resign to enable competent, willing as well as qualified persons to do that which they are supposedly being paid to do - "Serve to benefit the citizens of SA".

GOSA is of the opinion that the situation may have deteriorated past the point of no return and therefore appeal to all the citizens of SA to pursue a path that will assure their safety, livelihood and future. GOSA therefore advocate that all citizens of SA legally arm themselves regardless of government's ideological intention to disarm them with the FCA 60 of 2000 and thereby ensure the freedom, prosperity and future that we owe to our children. Also acquire any means or device that will give you the edge over criminal low-life's that operates with impunity and freedom in this country. The onus to protect yourself and your families resides with you the legal citizen alone as the SAPS appear not to be trustworthy and caring of the plight of the law-abiding citizens that pay their salaries. They seem unwilling and unable to rid this country of its criminal anarchy and create the perception via the media that they are part of and possibly sanctioning the out of control crime problem.

Thomas F. Eastes
National Chairman
Gun Owners South Africa (GOSA)
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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