2007-10-24 : Press Release : Escalating Violent Crime

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2007-10-24 : Press Release : Escalating Violent Crime

Postby GOSA » Thu, 2007-10-25 08:57

Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 17:28:06 +0200

Gun Owners South Africa (GOSA) is becoming exceedingly concerned at the unstopping increase in violent crime and the prevalent means that are applied to disarm the legal tax paying citizens of South Africa. The crime situation is out of control with 94% of all crime, regardless, that go unpunished. The judicial system is on the verge of collapse, and our Police force is deteriorating to the extent that we need private security firms to protect them. The few vigilant incorruptible souls remaining are being lured to Australia and many more are suffering mental breakdowns and murder their spouses and families. Not to mention that our farmers are being systematically exterminated and that hi-jackings are now becoming executions at high speed.

As a very "civilised" and constitutionally most advanced society we must ask why crime is so out of control, why victims have less rights than criminals and why our government is so keen to only have officials of the state armed. Why would we as electors of such a government be marginalized and be less worthy of protection when officials spend more on private and home security and protection per day than the average working man in SA earns in a month.

As citizens we are constantly requested to "assist" in fighting crime when it is our hard earned tax money that pays the salaries of our Police force. In the same breath we are programmed to be submissive when being confronted by crime situations and beg for our lives. South Africans cannot be forced to be made cowards after what we have gone though to win our democratic freedom. When citizens do stand up for their human and constitutional rights and defend their lives by force, they are arrested for violence, charged with attempted murder or murder as a matter of routine and traumatised by a totalitarian and unsympathetic attitude. Whose life and rights are valued most by law, the criminal or the victim?

GOSA is convinced that we have reached a point where detailed notice is being taken of the temperature rising in the pot. It is a matter of time before the frogs start jumping out. This knowledge is however not restricted to those living inside the RSA only. GOSA is of the opinion that legal law abiding citizens have a means to survive this criminal onslaught and recommend that citizens evaluate their situational needs, determine how much their lives are worth and then to pursue the option of legally arming themselves as no alternative remains against a government sanctioning the current crime orgy. GOSA is against crime in its totality as well as disarming of citizens. Unarmed citizens become slaves of crime and oppression.

The point is: When it comes to contesting rights, life and freedom with regards to crime, one is either for it or against it.

Thomas F. Eastes
National Chairman
Gun Owners South Africa
PO Box 2522, Clareinch, 7740
Tel: 021 689 4481
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