2007-07-04 : Press Release : WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

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2007-07-04 : Press Release : WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2007-07-04 14:04

2007-07-04 : Press Release : WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

1) Gun Owners of South Africa (GOSA) calls on Minister for Safety and Security Charles Nqakula and Commissioner of the South African Police Service Jackie Selebi to take political and executive responsibility for this alarming increase in the most violent of crimes.

They must resign immediately.

The Department for Safety and Security has become a never-ending money drain with ever diminishing returns.

The increase in the rate at which the most-violent-crimes are committed is the sad but logical outcome of the chaotic state of the wasteful, grossly mismanaged Department for Safety and Security. It is also a clear indictment of the oversight (or rather, lack of proper Parliamentary oversight) by the Legislative Branch of government. It is a consequence of the Firearms Control Act.

2) Dr Richard Wesson's study on the effect between 1994 - 2000 of 1 million newly empowered gunowners on the homicide rate can be found at http://www.gunownerssa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=34. It proves that by 2000 homicide rates were in rapid decline. In 2003 the Central Firearms Register started enforcing an unlawful de facto gun ban. Licences granted slowed to a trickle. (9 out of 10 dealers have been bankrupted since.)

In 2004 the FCA was formally promulgated. Despite all the warning signals that it could never be implemented.

Almost no licenced guns were sold in 2004. By the third quarter of 2006 we saw a massive increase in the most-violent-crime rate. The latest crime figures prove gunowners' predictions have been realized. As happened in the UK and Australia, the euphemistic 'tighter gun control' led to an increase in violent, confrontational crime. The tide has turned for the first time since 1994. Homicide is increasing. Professional violent crime is increasing and growing ever more violent.

3) Are blackpowder muzzleloaders to blame? For an increase in homicides? Heists and bank robberies? Hijackings? Home invasions?

That is what the Department of Safety and Security and the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee that is supposed to oversee it would have you believe.

While the Committee was hosting a grotesquely dishonest charade supposedly aimed at 'fixing' the FCA - which featured, as an example, the Institute for Security Studies trying to convince parliament the answer to violent crime was to make eye-tests for gunowners mandatory - more South Africans than the previous years were being murdered, or subjected to home invasions, or hijacked.

The Committee and gun prohibitionists won a pyrrhic victory over gunowners as the Firearms Control Act was amended to re-regulate blackpowder guns 2 years after de-regulation.

Not one Parliamentarian asked why no evidence was provided of even a single incident of abuse of a muzzleloader. Re-regulation is an act of spite.

The Legislative branch of government played along in this farce of 'fixing' the FCA when SCOPA, at the very least, should have been doing its job by auditing implementation of the unimplementable FCA and grilling the Minister and members of the CFR over the state of the Department.

4) Today it has to be clear to every thinking person in the country that the reason, the trigger for the terrible violence that accompanies many home invasions is exactly the same as that for explosions of public anger from Khutsong to Bothaville to Deneysville. Two days ago an ANC councillor was slaughtered in Deneysville in a display of public rage over non-delivery.

In homes across South Africa the least provocation results in explosions of anger, restraint being cast overboard and terrible violence flaring. All too often, the victims are those nearest and dearest to the perpetrator.

Government cannot even begin to resolve the problem, being the main culprit exciting expectations and delivering very little of what it promised, leading to feelings of relative deprivation which creates frustration aggression.

To impose a law with confiscatory intent and drive gunowners - previously the most law-abiding sector of society - to rebellion (with re-licencing non-compliance at a level of 55%) when this country least needs rebellion, is questionable.

5) Somehow, this country has to regain its moral centre. A good start is for the non-performing Minister to take responsibility for the chaos in his Department and resign. It would set a laudable example.

Brett Nortje
Executive Member (Mr. Nortje may be contacted on: 082 700 1244)

Gun Owners of South Africa
PO Box 2522
South Africa
Tel: +27-21-6894481
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