2008-07-01 : Letter : We are soft targets for criminals

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2008-07-01 : Letter : We are soft targets for criminals

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2008-10-22 10:57

Published: 01/07/2008 21:18:29

We are soft targets for criminals

Recently released crime stats show once again that home
invasions, car hijacking and business robberies are increasing.
These statistics were already amongst the world´s worst, yet
they find scope for increase.

These trends reveal the failure of the SAPS policy of disarming
the soft targets, the victim. Common sense indicates that
robbers and hijackers are taking advantage.

Homes, businesses and motorists are softer targets than ever
before. News reports reveal that the easy pickings have
attracted many SAPS members themselves.

Chief culprits are the Firearms Control Act and the
indoctrination campaign of NGOs and politicians demanding more
victim compliance to crime every day.

What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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