2008-06-29 : Letter : Where are our arms?

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2008-06-29 : Letter : Where are our arms?

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2008-09-05 12:51

Published: 6/29/2008 21:21:54

http://www.citizen.co.za/index/article. ... 69860,1,22

Where are our arms?

Armed robbers escaped from the police with R8 million, 40 firearms and a
quantity of cocaine at OR Tambo airport on Tuesday.

Remember the "armed robbery" of Johannesburg Central Police Stations on June
1? That means that about 90 firearms have been stolen from the SAPS within
one month.

What are the firearms used for? What is the acting national police
commissioner doing about the matter? Or is our docile "jobs for pals" former
"comrade-in-arms" too busy "fighting" with the NPA over the Selebi scandal?
Why the silence from authorities?


What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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