2008-04-09 : Letter : Robber's death is the Boksburg police

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2008-04-09 : Letter : Robber's death is the Boksburg police

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2008-05-16 10:54

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Robber's death is the Boksburg police's fault

The Boksburg police are now out in full force to catch the person that shot
and killed a smash-and- grab robber on the Rondebult off-ramp inBoksburg.
These robbers have been operating on that off-ramp now for months, and have
robbed hundreds of motorists.

I reported one of those incidents to the Boksburg police, who didn't even
take a statement and told me they know of the problem.

The police didn't do anything about it until now that somebody got killed.
The blood of the dead robber is on the hands of the police who ignored the
problem. I hope they will eventually carry out their duties to protect the

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