2008-04-02 : Letter : The incompetence of the SAPS

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2008-04-02 : Letter : The incompetence of the SAPS

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2008-05-16 10:02

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Published: 02/04/2008 09:29:39

The incompetence of the SAPS cannot be denied

The evil is in the mismanagement of the police and the political
misdirection of crime-fighting resources, writes P MOSS, of

IREPLY to Hangwani Mulaudzi, "SAPS's mission is to provide quality
police service", March 28.

While Mulaudzi waxes lyrical about SAPS plans, people have to live and
survive the world's worst violent crime rate.

While the government disarms citizens and misdirects public attention
from its incompetence to the death penalty, toys are now the latest
"dangerous" weapons.

It is no secret that crime pays handsomely in South Africa, and the
disgraceful conviction rate of 6% is a crime against humanity. This is
indicative of an across-the- board incompetence that simply cannot be

This costs citizens their lives, and Mulaudzi should bear that in mind
when speaking of hard-won freedom. The evil is in the gross
incompetent mismanagement of the police, and the political
misdirection of crime-fighting resources.

With that in mind, could Mulaudzi inform the public how many police
officers chase guns and licence paperwork daily, and how many cases
the firearms register has solved in all its existence?

It will make interesting reading to see exactly how concerned the SAPS
are with hugely expensive manpower and resource-robbing interventions
that contribute nothing to public safety.
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