2007-12-13: Letter: Our government willingly promotes crime

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2007-12-13: Letter: Our government willingly promotes crime

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2008-01-09 13:01

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Our government willingly promotes crime

I SIMPLY can’t understand why the SAPS and government are surprised that home invasions, business robberies and hijackings have increased (“SA is not winning the war on crime”, December 11).

When government steam- rollered the Firearms Control Act through Parliament, despite huge objection, there were warnings about what could happen.

Government also knew from world history and example that more citizens’ lives would be lost.

Despite this certainty the government was willing to sacrifice those lives. Now, the same politicians are concerned about violent crime, but not one has been willing to drop the Firearms Control Act.

Who votes for a government that cares nothing for citizens’ lives and willingly promotes crime?



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