2007-11-09: M1 turns into war zone

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2007-11-09: M1 turns into war zone

Postby Rudi » Fri, 2007-11-09 22:26

M1 turns into war zone


JOHANNESBURG – Five men opened fire on police officers on the M1 highway north of Johannesburg on Friday, Gauteng police said. Spokeswoman Captain Julia Claassen said the shooting occurred around 3am on the M1 between Grayston and Marlboro. She said a Sandringham police van was on a routine patrol on the highway, when police noticed a white Mazda 626 without registration plates. They pulled the car over, five men jumped out of the vehicle and started shooting at them. Police returned fire. The men ran back to the car and fled, dropping two firearms -- a 9mm pistol and a revolver. The policemen were not injured, Claassen said. It was believed that one of the gunmen was wounded as there were traces of blood at the scene. Police were still hunting for the men and no arrests had been made, Claasen said. –Sapa

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