2007-11-08: Police ordered to get tough

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2007-11-08: Police ordered to get tough

Postby Rudi » Fri, 2007-11-09 22:05

Police ordered to get tough


JOHANNESBURG – Gauteng police must “get rough and tough and take no sh*t
from anyone”.
This is the order given by SAPS Provincial Commissioner Perumal Naidoo
It was greeted by thunderous applause and ululations from policemen and
women attending a “stop killing our police” campaign in Johannesburg.
Referring to Gauteng as a “gangster’s paradise”, Naidoo vowed he would
“unleash the might of the SAPS here today”.
About 2 000 officers gathered at Beyers Naude Square to listen to the top
brass and lay a wreath in memory of four officers slain in Jeppestown last
In 2005/06 95 police were murdered, way down from the 1993 figure which
peaked at 280.
Each death of a police officer robbed 1 000 people of a public servant who
was there to fight crime, Naidoo said.
Through its “take charge” campaign the SAPS launched community policing
forums, but fear of the police and fear of criminals taking revenge
prevented people from reporting crime, Naidoo said.
The Primedia initiative to report criminals on an anonymous hotline had also
failed to net any big fish, “even though we know who the hard-core criminals
“We are not reporting criminals the way we used to or should,” he said,
adding that the only way to stop the killing of officers was if the
community supported the police.
He urged police to restore respect for themselves so that the community
would become the eyes and ears of the police.
Echoing this sentiment, Gauteng safety MEC Firoz Cachalia, himself a mugging
victim this year, said the hijackers, robbers, rapists and killers of police
were known.
“(They are) the criminals who drive the big cars, flash money, teach our
kids that rewards come through greed and violence and that crime is a way to
get these things. How long are we going to tolerate this?”

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