2007-11-01 Letter Schools foolishly made vulnerable

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2007-11-01 Letter Schools foolishly made vulnerable

Postby Rudi » Fri, 2007-11-09 21:05

Schools foolishly made vulnerable


ARMED robbers are increasingly finding schools to be perfect soft targets for all sorts of crime these days. The Citizen (October 30) reports another teacher stabbed and her car hijacked in Durban. The fringe group Gun-Free South Africa (GFSA) was recently shouting from the rooftops that schools had been declared “gun-free zones”, and many voiced concerns about this attention-grabbing exercise. Career criminals have, no doubt, seized the opportunities unwisely provided by GFSA and the SAPS, and advertised so widely. Why should they not hijack teachers emerging from gun-free zones? Defenceless victims are safe to rob, rape and murder ADRIAN LOUW Mpumalanga

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