Brett Nortje : The ANC's war on family values

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Brett Nortje : The ANC's war on family values

Postby GOSA » Thu, 2007-07-05 07:57

Every time I visit the CBD I see little black girls of 12, 13 with infants on their backs. One would hope they are older sisters, but usually there is no older woman in sight. Under the circumstances one might expect police vans to round these girls up to interrogate them as to who the fathers are. After all, statutory rape is supposed to be a crime.

ANC members of Parliament obviously have a different take on this. Despite the fact that the same MP's have been seen to call for the age at which one can own a registered gun to be increased to 25, the ANC has taken its war on Christian values and the South African family a step further. Abortion and birth control are now going to be provided to 12 year olds behind the parents' backs. Contrast this to applying for a gun licence where the whole family (and the neighbourhood) is acquainted with the licence application....

The ANC's answer to the explosions of public anger from Khutsong to Bothaville, that saw an ANC councillor slaughtered in Deneysville two days ago in a display of public rage over non-delivery, is the social defabrication of society. Outlaw the smacking of children by their parents. Keep their parents' values out of the schools. Keep the girls pregnant, and dependent on child support grants, and you have political control over them for a life time. Control the population through the dispensation of patronage and grants when they behave.

A master plan too terribly cynical to be credible, until one remembers that this government came to power when the rate of HIV infection was one percent, and did nothing about the AIDS plan drawn up by Dr Rina Venter and the ANC's Woman's League but dither and infight until a quarter of the population was infected. A government that can consign a quarter of its population to a slow, lingering death is capable of anything.

To the ANC, there is no objective reality, so how can there be an objective morality?

Brett Nortje
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